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Studs for your horse

Do you need screw-in studs for your horse's horseshoes? at Lepona you will find studs, stud keys and stud cases.

Threaded hole cleaner / stud wrench straw
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Studs set of 5 for 3/8 thread straw
/ waldhausen studs set of 5 for 38 threads strohm.html

What do you need studs for when riding?

Studs are screwed into horseshoes so that the horse has better grip and can run safely in poor ground conditions. This is especially the case with show jumping on grass and eventing. Lawn can become very slippery when wet, so tunnels are turned into the horseshoes before entering the course and removed again afterwards.

Even on hard ground such as asphalt, it can make sense to use small studs so that the horse cannot slip. In winter, tunnels are useful when there is ice and snow, because the opening is made more difficult and the lumps fall out of the iron more easily. Incidentally, Aufstollen refers to snow and ice trodden firmly in the iron. These hard lumps get properly stuck in the iron and are difficult to remove. So pay close attention to your horse's hooves in winter when you lead it from pasture or paddock so that it does not slip or twist.

How are cleats attached to the horseshoe?

Screw studs are screwed into the stud holes in the horseshoe. Before doing this, the tunnel holes should be cleaned with a threaded hole cleaner. This means that the studs cannot get stuck and can simply be removed again. Never use force to screw the studs into the thread, otherwise they could jam.

If you want to use studs, discuss the use with your farrier. They will be able to recommend suitable studs for the purpose and also prepare the horseshoes for your horse so that you can use the studs. If you don't have any studs yet, we recommend buying a stud case, because it contains different types of studs (pointed and blunt) as well as all the necessary accessories.