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Horseware Rambo, Amigo, Ice Vibes or Rambo Micklem - The Irish equestrian brand produces high quality horse blankets, gaiters and bridles using the latest technologies.

Ice-Vibe Boot cooling boots in black / aqua
statt 269,95
/horseware cool gaiters ice vibe boot in black aqua.html
Outdoor rug Amigo Bravo 12 Wug 50g in navy/navy
/horseware outdoor rug amigo bravo 12 wug 50g in navynavy.html
Underblanket liner 200g in navy
/horseware underblanket liner 200g in navy.html

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Exercise sheet Amigo Ripstop Competition Sheet in navy
/horseware amigo ripstop competition sheet in navy.html

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Sweat rug Rambo Deluxe Fleece in navy/beige
/horseware sweat rug rambo deluxe fleece in navybeige.html
Underblanket liner 100g in navy
/horseware underblanket liner 100g in navy.html
Ice Vibe Boots in black
/horseware kuehlpacks ice vibe boots in black.html
Tail strap, elastic in black
ab €6,95
/horseware tail strap elastic in black.html
Outdoor rug Amigo Bravo 12 Wug 150g in navy/silver
/horseware outdoor rug amigo bravo 12 wug 150g in navysilver.html
Exercise Sheet Ripstop Competition Sheet in Fig/Navy&tan
/horseware ripstop competition sheet in fignavyundtan.html
Underblanket liner 300 in Navy/Navy
/horseware underblanket liner 300 in navynavy.html
Neck Amigo Hero Ripstop Lite 0g in delphinum
/horseware neck part amigo hero ripstop lite 0g in delphinum.html
Stable boots Rambo Ionic in black / orange
/horseware stall gaiters rambo ionic in black orange.html
Fleece liner 300g in black and white
/horseware fleece liner 300g in black and white.html
Neck Amigo 1200D Hood 150g in Navy/ Turquoise, Aqua & Blue
/horseware neck part amigo 1200d hood 150g in navyturquoise aqua and blue.html
Stable rug Cozy Stable 200g in Burgundy/ Burgundy, Teal & Navy
/horseware stable rug cozy stable 200g in burgundy burgundy teal and navy.html
Dog Coat Amigo Ripstop 100gr in navy/silver
ab €25,95
/horseware dog coat amigo ripstop 100gr in navysilver.html
Dog Coat Rambo Dry Rug in navy/silver
ab €18,94
/horseware dog coat rambo dry rug in navysilver.html
Outdoor rug Rhino Plus Turnout Vari-Layer 250 g in Navy Check/Teal
/horseware outdoor rug rhino plus turnout vari layer 250 g in navy checkteal.html
Rambo Ionic stable blanket liner 100g in black / orange
/horseware rambo ionic stall ceiling liner 100g in black orange.html
Fly rug Mio Pony Fly Rug in bronze/navy
/horseware fly rug mio pony fly rug in bronzenavy.html
halter in Navy/Burgundy,Dusty Blue
/horseware halter in navyburgundydustyblue.html
Outdoor Rug Amigo Hero Ripstop 100g in fig/navy/tan
/horseware outdoor rug amigo hero ripstop 100g in fignavytan.html
Sweat blanket Cozy Fleece in Navy/Beige/Blue
/horseware sweat rug cozy fleece in navybeigeblue.html
Stable rug Cozy Stable 100g in Navy/ Burgundy, Teal & Navy
/horseware stable rug cozy stable 100g in navy burgundy teal and navy.html
Sportz-Vibe dog blanket in black / green
ab €181,95
/horseware sportz vibe dog blanket in black green.html
Outdoor blanket Mio Turnout Medium 200g in black / turq
/horseware outdoor blanket mio turnout medium 200g in black turq.html
Neck Amigo in navy
ab €56,91
/horseware neck part amigo in navy.html
Foal Blanket Turnout Medium 200g in navy/silver
ab €67,95
/horseware foal blanket turnout medium 200g in navysilver.html
Amigo Neck 150g in navy
/horseware amigo neck part 150g in navy.html
Sportz-vibe ZX massage blanket for horses in black and white
/horseware sportz vibe zx massage blanket for horses in black and white.html
Walker blanket Amigo Walker 200g in Black/Silver
/horseware walker blanket amigo walker 200g in blacksilver.html
Men's breeches with knee grip in white
statt 164,95
/horseware breeches men with knee grip in white.html
Halter Amigo Headcollar in Navy/Silver
/horseware halter amigo headcollar in navysilver.html
Fly Mask Finemesh in Silver & Navy
/horseware fly mask finemesh in silver and navy.html
Fly mask Amigo FlyMask in silver
/horseware fly mask amigo flymask in silver.html
Horseware Turnout rug

Horseware Ireland horse blankets

The company was founded in 1985 with the aim of developing horse rugs that are warm but also waterproof and breathable. The horse blankets from Horseware could develop into a real bestseller within a very short time. The Rambo model was named the best-selling horse rug worldwide in 1996. The horse blankets from Horseware owe their outstanding qualitative properties to the materials used. For example, the outer layer of horse blankets is made of ballistic nylon. This material has already proven itself through processing in bulletproof vests. Today the horse blankets from Horseware a proven sun and fly protection.

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Horseware Ireland turnout rugs - Amigo, Rambo and Mio

Horseware Blankets have been the world's No. 20 for over 1 years! In 1985 the first Rambo Original blanket was manufactured in Dundalk, Ireland and it still sets the standard for modern, horse-friendly blankets. The claim of the founders, Carol and Tom MacGuiness, to develop waterproof blankets that fit perfectly and are breathable, is evident in every single one to this day Horseware Product.

The turnout rugs as well as rain rugs and lined winter rugs from the Irish equestrian brand Horseware offer numerous advantages. For example, a neck piece can be attached to almost all ceiling models. In addition, the liner system ensures that even 300g heavy ceilings do not slip. The Surefit neckline is gentle on the withers, as the blanket rests a long way in front of the withers. This avoids pressure and ensures optimal shoulder freedom. The cross straps with safety system enable quick loosening under extreme pressure, but also prevent accidental opening when rolling. The patented leg cutouts of the Horseware Rambo blankets ensure a better position around the stomach, so that better protection and more freedom of movement are possible. The outer material is made of ballistic nylon, which is one of the toughest materials for horse blankets on the market. An antibacterial lining ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Horseware Aquatrans technology

What does Aquatrans technology offer Horseware Cover?

The outside of the rain blankets and winter blankets is made of a hydrophobic - i.e. water-repellent - material that prevents water from penetrating. The inside of the blanket is hydrophilic - water-attracting - and draws moisture away from the horse. All Horseware Turnout rugs have a water column of over 3000mm, which is why they are particularly waterproof, but also breathable. Because within 24 hours, up to 3000g of water vapor can be carried outside by the horse. The popularity among horse owners is increased by the high denier number, because the blankets are particularly tear-resistant and hard-wearing. This is particularly useful in the pasture when horses play with each other.

Horseware Ice vibes and ionic

Horseware Ice-Vibe products are very versatile. Before work, the gaiters warm up the tendons, after work the tendons are cooled down. In rehabilitation the cooling gaiters can help with healing. Ice-Vibe products are available for the pastern joint, the ankle and gaiters.

Rambo Ionic products stimulate, strengthen and support horse and rider. Because crushed tourmaline is incorporated into the products. This is a naturally occurring crystal which, when crushed, releases electrical charge. In this way, the surrounding air molecules are converted into negative ions.

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Horseware - The enterprise

Meanwhile Horseware has expanded its portfolio and is one of the world's leading manufacturers not only in the field of horse rugs, but also in the field of riding clothing. Established since 2002 Horseware Equestrian fashion and designs several collections every year. In 2004 Horseware the subsidiary Triple Crown Custom was founded, which produces luxury horse rugs made to order. Over the years, product innovations such as the much-appreciated ice vibes, the Micklem bridle and the Rambo Vari Layer came onto the market. About five years ago Horseware the exclusive Italian equestrian fashion manufacturer Alessandro Albanese added to the portfolio.

Horseware has made it its mission to make the lives of riders and horses easier and to create the decisive difference through product innovations. In the Irish manufacturing facility Horseware also for the environment and gets 100% of the energy it needs from Irish wind power. Celebrated in 2015 Horseware 30 year anniversary. One still hangs on the roof of the headquarters in Dundalk Horseware Rambo Original Blanket - as a lucky charm and to test the waterproofness.

Under the hashtag #teamhorseware you can follow Olympic champions and international top riders like Scott Brash, William Fox-Pitt, Michael Jung, Ingrid Klimke, Nick Skelton, Bertram Allen, McLain Ward, Phillip Dutton, Peter Thomsen, Judy Reynolds and many other front runners on Instagram, some of them for decades Horseware Trust quality!