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Bucas Horse blankets

The Irish manufacturer Bucas has been manufacturing high-quality horse rugs with technical innovations such as the Stay-Dry inner lining since 1982. The outdoor rugs are particularly popular, but so are the fly rugs from Bucas are preferred to buy.

Outdoor blanket Turnout 200g in Maritime/Silver
/bucas outdoor blanket turnout 200g in maritimesilver.html
Dog Coat Freedom 300g in Navy/Silver
ab €39,00
/bucas dog coat freedom 300g in navysilver.html
Outdoor blanket Turnout 100g in Maritime/Silver
/bucas outdoor blanket turnout 100g in maritimesilver.html

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Outdoor rug Freedom Turnout 150g in Navy/Silver
ab €105,01
/bucas outdoor rug freedom turnout 150g in navysilver.html

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Outdoor rug Freedom High Neck 150g in Navy/Silver
/bucas outdoor rug freedom high neck 150g in navysilver.html
Outdoor rug Irish Turnout Extra 300g in Black/Gold
/bucas outdoor rug irish turnout extra 300g in blackgold.html
Outdoor rug Power Turnout Big Neck in silver
/bucas outdoor rug power turnout big neck in silver.html
Irish Combi Neck in Navy/Gold
/bucas Irish combi neck in navygold.html
Stable rug Quilt Stay-Dry 150g in Navy
statt 139,00
/bucas stable quilt stay dry 150g in navy.html
Outdoor blanket Power Turnout Medium 150g in Silver
/bucas outdoor rug power turnout medium 150g in silver.html
Power Turnout 0g outdoor blanket in silver
/bucas outdoor blanket power turnout 0g in silver.html
Neck piece for outdoor rug Power Turnout 300g in Silver
/bucas neck part for outdoor rug power turnout 300g in silver.html
Outdoor blanket Turnout 0g in Maritime/Silver
/bucas outdoor blanket turnout 0g in maritimesilver.html
Ceiling extension standard in Navy
ab €15,51
/bucas ceiling extension standard in navy.html
Neck piece for outdoor blanket Power Turnout in silver
/bucas neck part for outdoor rug power turnout in silver.html
Walker blanket Therapy Walker in Navy/Orange
/bucas walker blanket therapy walker in navyorange.html
Outdoor rug Atlantic Turnout 200g in Navy
ab €195,01
/bucas outdoor rug atlantic turnout 200g in navy.html
Dog Coat Freedom 300g in Navy/Bordeaux
/bucas dog coat freedom 300g in navybordeaux.html
Underblanket Quilt 150g Silk Feel in navy
/bucas underblanket quilt 150g silk feel in navy.html
Ceiling Extension T-Lock Magnetic in Black
ab €19,00
/bucas ceiling extension t closure magnetic in black.html
Outdoor rug Irish Turnout 150 g in Navy/gold
ab €129,00
/bucas outdoor rug irish turnout 150 g in navygold.html
Sun Shower Neck in Silver
/bucas sun shower neck in silver.html
Atlantic Combi Neck in Navy
/bucas atlantic combi neck in navy.html
Therapy Cooler in Navy/Orange
ab €169,00
/bucas therapy blanket therapy cooler in navyorange.html
Outdoor blanket Irish Turnout Big Neck 50g in black/gold
/bucas outdoor rug irish turnout big neck 50g in black gold.html
Outdoor blanket Freedom Turnout Light in spicy pink
/bucas outdoor blanket freedom turnout light in spicy pink.html
Multifunctional blanket Power Cooler in Navy/Silver
ab €79,00
/bucas multifunctional blanket power cooler in navysilver.html
Dog coat Freedom 50g in graphite
ab €35,00
/bucas dog coat freedom 50g in graphite.html
Outdoor blanket Freedom Turnout Light 0g in cherry
statt 79,00
/bucas outdoor blanket freedom turnout light 0g in cherry.html
Dog Blanket Freedom 50g in Navy/silver
ab €35,00
/bucas dog blanket freedom 50g in navysilver.html
Barn Rug Therapy Turnout Light in Navy/Orange
/bucas stable blanket therapy turnout light in navyorange.html
Therapy blanket Turnout 150g in Navy/Orange
/bucas therapy blanket turnout 150g in navyorange.html
Fly sheet Freedom in Silver
ab €73,99
/bucas fly rug freedom in silver.html
Outdoor blanket Atlantic Turnout 50g in Atlantic Green
/bucas outdoor blanket atlantic turnout 50g in atlantic green.html
Walker blanket Walker in Navy/Silver
/bucas Walker in walker blanket navysilver.html

Bucas Horse blankets - the intelligent choice

The company Bucas was founded in 1981 and brought the first horse blankets onto the market as early as 1982. The first models of the well-known waterproof and breathable outdoor blankets followed towards the end of the 80s. is particularly well known Bucas for the silver Power Turnout rugs with the red Stay Dry lining. Barely 10 years later, particularly light, waterproof turnout rugs with antibacterial inner material followed. The Buzz Off fly rug models with UV protection and the well-known zebra pattern followed shortly thereafter. last brought Bucas a therapy blanket called Recuptex, a magnetic field horse blanket that is said to stimulate healing and regeneration of the muscles and improve blood circulation.

What draws Bucas horse blankets?

Bucas Although horse rugs do not have gussets, they have a special cut that ensures the best possible fit and freedom of movement. have become known Bucas Cover but through the Stay Dry inner lining. This offers a unique climate and temperature regulation. The Stay Dry inner lining allows you to put on the horse blanket immediately after work without having to use a sweat rug. Because the moisture is drained from the horse to the outside by the special inner lining. In addition, the fleece layer warms like a 150g thermal filling. Bucas gives a temperature recommendation for each blanket so that you can see at a glance for what time the blanket is suitable. the Bucas Power Turnout light, for example, is designed for a temperature range of -10 °C to +16 °C, although it is unlined except for the fleece.

The interior material of some Bucas Horse rugs like the Power Turnout also have an antibacterial effect and thus actively protect against batteries and fungi. In addition, most blankets have a Teflon coating, which makes the horse blankets water- and dirt-repellent. They also need to be washed less often. The horse blankets from Bucas are naturally breathable and can be put on very easily thanks to the patented magnetic fastener on the front. A cross surcingle ensures optimal support even when rolling.

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Which Turnout Blankets & Rain Blankets offers Bucas for horses?

Bucas is known for the good pasture and rain covers. Bucas describes the Power Turnout line as the best turnout in the range, offering the best possible strength, durability and quality. Protected on the outside by ballistic nylon, which is both breathable and waterproof, the turnout rug also has a heat-reflective aluminum inner coating. The well-known Stay Dry inner lining with antibacterial effect is also part of this blanket, as well as the magnetic Click'n Go front closure. The blanket is available in a classic cut, big neck and high neck style as well as an additionally available neck part.

The Bucas Smartex Turnout Turnout is a slightly slimmed down version of the Power Turnout. It is not antibacterial, nor does it reflect the sun or heat, but it is also available in pony sizes. If you are looking for a good but affordable turnout rug, check out the Irish Turnout rug. This is made of a waterproof rip-stop material. The breathable Silk-Feel inner lining and shoulder gussets ensure optimal freedom of movement. Also worth mentioning is the Sun Shower Blanket, a lightweight rain rug for sunny days with a special mesh lining that ensures optimal air circulation.

Stable blankets from Bucas

In addition to outdoor blankets Bucas of course also stable blankets. The Celtic Stable Rug is a high performance horse rug with high durability and quality. It's the equivalent of the Power Turnout without the rain protection. The Irish Stable blanket offers good value for money and is equipped with a breathable Silk-Feel inner lining. Bucas Quilt is the versatile variant among the stable rugs, because it can be worn alone or under one of the turnout rugs and rain rugs. You can also choose between the Sty Dry and Silk Feel inner material. A neck part can be purchased as an option. It is also multifunctional Bucas Shamrock blanket, because it can be used as a light stable blanket, sweat blanket or transport blanket.

The well-known zebra blanket protects against insects

Bucas also offers fly rugs for horses. In addition to the well-known zebra blanket, the Irish company also offers a special eczema blanket, the "Sweet Itch". It has an extra close-meshed fabric, which keeps even the smallest insects away from the horse's body. In addition, the blanket offers the best UV protection. There is also a buzz off fly rug with a rain cover on the back. The Buzz Off Rain combines the advantages of the fly rug with the Sun Shower rain rug.

More equestrian accessories from Bucas

In addition to the well-known blankets Bucas also offer fly masks, riding blankets, dog blankets, a special therapy blanket for horses and, of course, transport gaiters.