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First aid for horses - the stable pharmacy

The stable pharmacy should always be stocked with the basic items such as wound dressings, disinfectant, silver or blue spray and a thermometer so that you can provide first aid for small wounds immediately. Band-aids should also be available for bipeds.

Hoof bandage protection in black
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Hoof shoe Davis Barrier Boot in black
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Hoof shoe in black
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Bense & Eicke
Silver spray, 200ml
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Digital thermometer topTemp
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Horse ointment, size: 500 ml
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Heat and cold compress, reusable
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/ usg heat and cold compress reusable.html
Keralit Dermacure-Vet ointment 130 ml
/keralit keralit dermacure vet ointment 130 ml.html
First aid kit
/effol first aid kit.html
Cold pack with incense resin 1000ml
/ leovet cold pack with incense resin 1000ml.html
Zinc oxide spray
/ leovet zinc oxide spray.html
Disinfectant spray
/ leovet disinfection spray.html
Horse ointment Cold Pack PLUS 500 ml
/ leovet horse ointment cold pack plus 500 ml.html
Cold pack with incense resin 500 ml
/ leovet cold pack with incense resin 500 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Protection Plus wound ointment
/ carr and day and martin wound ointment protection plus.html
Skin Repair 150ml tube
/effol skin repair 150 ml tube.html
Disinfectant spray, 200 ml in colorless
/ waldhausen disinfection spray 200 ml in colorless.html
Mouth butter banana 150 ml
/effol maul butter banana 150 ml.html
Cooling gel ice pack
/effol cooling gel ice pack.html
Bense & Eicke
ArcticGel, 500ml
/bense and eicke arktisgel 500ml.html
Massage gel thermo
/ leovet massage gel thermo.html
Cooling gel Cellsius for horses
/ leovet cooling gel cellsius for horses.html
Dragon's Blood Film Plaster 50 ml
/effol dragon's blood film plaster 50 ml.html
Flex bandage in different colors
/waldhausen flex bandage in different colors.html
Hot & Cold Pack (pair)
/br hot and cold pack pair.html
Keralysin Ointment Keralit
/keralit keralysin ointment keralit.html
Bense & Eicke
Disinfectant spray blue, 200ml
/bense and eicke disinfectant spray blue 200ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Disinfectant spray colorless, 200ml
/bense and eicke disinfectant spray colorless 200ml.html
Bense & Eicke
SuperCool, 500ml
/bense and eicke supercool 500ml.html
Mineral pack plus arnica 1500 g
/ leovet mineralpack plus arnika 1500 g.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Cooling gel Ice Blue Leg Cooler
/ carr and day and martin kuehlgel ice blue leg cooler.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Wound Cream
/ carr and day and martin Wundsalbe wound cream.html
Skin Repair, size: 30 ml
/effol skin repair size 30 ml.html
Dragon's Blood Film Plaster 250 ml
/effol dragon's blood film plaster 250 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Ice Blue cooling gel
/carr and day and martin kuehlgel ice blue.html
Mauke ointment MudDoc 200 ml
/cavalor maukesalbe muddoc 200 ml.html

Zinc oxide, silver spray, or blue spray will help your horse with minor wounds

You should always have Zinc Oxide Spray and Silver or Blue Spray in the Stable Pharmacy. With it you can cover scratches and small wounds and protect against wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and other harmful influences. The area should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. This is also helpful, for example Dragon's Blood Movie Patch from Effol. This also covers minor wounds thoroughly and promotes healing. If your horse does not like to be sprayed, there is also one Silver ointment for wound care from Leovet.

In the case of swelling, for example on a horse's leg: Cooling gel provides a quick remedy

Cooling gel helps quickly if your horse's legs are very warm or tarnished after work. The Leovet Celsius cooling gel can also be applied to damp fur. Cooling down your legs promotes the regeneration of strained ligaments and tendons. These cooling gels can also be used in the event of tendon damage or other inflammation. If your horse has a serious injury that is causing it to swell, speak to your vet before using cooling gel.

Minor injuries heal faster with a wound gel or ointment

Insect bites, abscesses, eczema, mallenders or small bite wounds - such small wounds can easily be treated by yourself. Many manufacturers offer antibacterial ointments and gels that promote wound healing and protect the wound. The skin repair skin balm from Effol, Carr Day Martin Wound Cream or Leovets Proprolis Gel are particularly popular. They all support the natural healing process for small wounds, scrapes and abrasions.