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Christ Sheepskin saddle, girths & saddle pads

Christ Lammfelle has been manufacturing high-quality lambskin saddles, saddle girths with lambskin and lambskin pads for horses for more than 50 years. Lambskin saddles are particularly popular with riders because they allow you to sit close to the horse (like without a saddle) and at the same time protect the horse's back and buttocks.

Contour belt in black / natural
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Saddle pad edge standard in black / natural
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BASIC PLUS fur saddle in natural / black / natural
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Moon belt in black / anthracite
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Small horse girth in black / natural
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Small horse girth in black / anthracite
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Breastplate protector in black
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Christ Lambskins - equestrian goods made with love and care!

The family business pays attention to the sustainable and environmentally friendly handling of the valuable goods during production, so the entire manufacturing process takes place under strict standards. The energy for the tannery is obtained from an efficient CO2-neutral plant and the ecologically unproblematic tanning agent "Regulan" enables the production of extremely skin-friendly and easily washable lambskins for equestrian sports.

Long-lasting lambskin products for your horse

Christ Lammfelle attaches great importance to the fact that the skins come from animals that are kept exclusively outdoors. This creates a particularly cuddly soft fur that is hard-wearing and breathable. The saddle pads are equipped with the high-quality fur throughout, which is also wrapped around the withers so that these sensitive areas are protected. In addition, the lambskin saddles, lambskin pads and lambskin girths can absorb up to 30% moisture without your horse feeling damp. The natural self-cleaning power of the lambskin is made possible by the scale structure of the lambskin. Of course, the lambskins and products containing lambskin are machine washable and tumble dryable.

The washing instructions with the WERNER CHRIST C7 lambskin detergent

We have summarized for you what you have to pay attention to when washing lambskins: Select the wool cycle with a maximum of 30 degrees in your washing machine. Use 30-50 ml of the WERNER CHRIST C7 detergent per 10 liters of water for hand washing or per wash in the washing machine. The lambskins can be dried in the dryer at up to 40 degrees or in the fresh air, whereby direct sunlight should be avoided.

The Christ Fellsattel - the saddle alternative for you and your horse

In the back area of ​​the fur saddle Basic Plus from Christ real lambskin was processed. Compared to synthetic skins, moisture and heat are dissipated more quickly and heat does not build up, since real lambskin is temperature-regulating. This means that it is pleasantly cool for your horse even on hot summer days and comfortably warm on cold days. The removable padding on the right and left of the spinal canal increases the seating comfort for the rider. The Basic Plus is usually ridden without stirrups and thus also serves as seat training. Thanks to the proximity to the horse, the movements can be felt better and a finer aid is possible. If stirrup leathers are desired for better balance, these can be attached to D-rings. The padding and a wool height of 30mm protect your horse's back and the lambskin saddle is comfortable to wear. Since the Basic Plus adapts to every horse's back, the skin saddle can also be used well for horses that are building muscle or for young horses that change quickly.

What is the benefit of one Christ Lambskin saddle pad?

The main advantage of a saddle pad is the increase in the contact surface of the saddle and the reduction of individual pressure points. The Christ Saddle pads are made of high-quality lambskin, which has been processed throughout on the underside. The lambskin is pulled around the edge at the withers, as this is a sensitive area and can support the well-being of your horse. In addition, the horse's back is optimally protected thanks to a wool height of 30mm. If the rider is not that experienced and not well balanced, the good pressure distribution of a lambskin pad can be a great advantage. The back of your horse is protected by the additional soft padding. However, you must note that using a saddle pad makes the saddle narrower. So the combination of saddle and saddle pad must be suitable for your horse's back and adjusted if necessary. The properties of a lambskin pad can be advantageous for horses that have previously lost muscle and are currently training again. The saddle pad is therefore used to compensate.

Which one Christ Lambskin girth is right for my horse - moon girth, contour girth or small horse girth?

The lambskin belts from Christ are made by hand and are equipped with real lambskin on one side and a robust and hard-wearing quilted fabric on the other. The girths with lambskin or lambskin are machine washable with lambskin detergent and are also suitable for tumble drying. Has your horse eaten a small grass belly? The Moon belt and the Small horse girth have an anatomical shape and adapt to the curve of the abdomen. This prevents the saddle from slipping. This saddle girth is advantageous for horses and ponies with the girth in front of the saddle or with "more" belly. The special cut ensures elbow room. When putting on the lambskin saddle girth, it must be ensured that the inner, shorter crescent shape belongs to the front, in the direction of the front legs. So the long, convex outside points to the belly. You have a western saddle and your horse has a pronounced girth position? The Contour belt of Christ Sheepskin is cut exactly for this purpose. Because it is comfortably padded and reduces pressure points. It is cut back a little on both sides and thus offers elbow room.