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Airbag vests for riders

Airbag vests for riders

Do you want to protect yourself effectively, but don't want to forego comfort and mobility? Then the airbag vest might be right for you. Because this can be worn like a normal, comfortable riding vest and inflates in a flash in an emergency.

Safety vest Zip In 2 Airbag in black
/ helite safety vest zip in 2 airbag in black.html
Airbag Freejump in black
/freejump air bag freejump in black.html
CO2 cartridge
ab €24,00
/ helite co2 cartridge.html

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cartridge for Freejump Airbag
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Airshell Prestige vest for Zip In 2 AirBag in dark blue / black
/ helite airshell prestige vest for zip in 2 airbag in dark blue black.html
Airjacket in black
/ helite airjacket in black.html
Airshell prestige vest for Zip In 2 AirBag in dark blue / red
/ helite airshell prestige vest for zip in 2 airbag in dark blue red.html
Precto Air Fit in black
/ equiairbag precto air fit in black.html
Back protector Guard in black
/ equiairbag back protector guard in black.html
Airshell vest in black/blue
/helite airshell vest in black-blue.html
Protector V Zero in black
/ equiairbag protector v zero in black.html
C02 cartridge for Equi Airbag
/equiairbag c02 cartridge for equi airbag.html
Y-strap saddle attachment
/ helite saddle attachment y strap.html
Hybrid rip cord
/ helite ripcord hybrid.html
Zip In Airbag in black, size: XL
/ helite zip in airbag in black size xl.html
Rip cord including trigger
/ helite ripcord incl trigger.html
Replacement set with 3 pieces of CO2 cartridge
/equiairbag replacement set with 3 pieces of co2 cartridge.html
Replacement set with CO2 cartridge and tool
/equiairbag replacement set with co2 cartridge and tool.html
Protector for Flexi models in black
/equiairbag protector for flexi models in black.html

What advantages does an airbag vest have over a protective vest?

The biggest advantage of an airbag vest over a level 3 body armor is the ability to move freely. The airbag vest can be worn like a normal riding vest and therefore does not restrict the movement of the upper body. The Helite airbag vest Zip in 2 can also be zipped into a matching competition jacket or worn without a top vest.

In addition to freedom of movement, protection is of course particularly important. Airbag vests inflate in seconds and protect you in the event of an impact with bulging air cushions. These reduce the forces acting on the body many times over. In addition to the spine and chest, the neck, coccyx and pelvis are better protected than conventional protectors.

What are the disadvantages of an airbag vest?

Airbag vests are comparatively expensive to buy. This can be daunting at first. In addition, the rip cord of the airbag vest must be detached manually from the saddle before dismounting. If you forget to do this, the vest can be triggered and you've wasted a cartridge. You should also handle your airbag vest with care so that there are no accidental holes in the material that would impair its function.

Unfortunately, airbag vests are not yet officially approved as equipment in tests. Therefore, you still have to use a level 3 vest in cross-country tests. Many cross-country riders in difficult tests also wear an airbag vest over their level 3 vest.

How do airbag vests work?

After getting on, the airbag vest is connected to the saddle with a ripcord. If the rider falls, the rip cord tightens and releases the cartridge mechanism. The contained gas now flows into the chambers of the airbag vest in fractions of a second. This protects the rider from the strong force of an impact. A few minutes after inflation, the airbag vest slowly releases the air again and the released cartridge can be replaced with a new one. If in doubt, you should always have a spare cartridge with you or at least nearby so that you can get the vest ready for use again straight away.

Is it worth buying an airbag vest for me?

The purchase is worthwhile in any case if you ride a lot of cross-country jumps or complete high and difficult jumping courses. Even with young horses, a purchase is certainly useful, as they can still be very skittish and unpredictable. In dressage, an airbag vest is an advantage because you can move much better with it than with a level 3 safety vest.

Isn't the triggering terribly loud and scaring my horse?

The deployment of the airbag vest is not silent. The volume can be compared to a strong hand clapping. So it's not quite as loud as you would expect. Dropping poles while jumping can be significantly louder. Whether your horse is startled by the noise depends on how jumpy it is, of course. Some horses are already on the alert position at small noises, others are not interested if a tractor is pushing manure right next to them. If you are unsure about your horse, use a cartridge and let the vest deploy in a safe environment. This will give you a better idea of ​​how your horse will react.