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Therapeutic products for your horse

Does your horse need support with regeneration? Then you will find cooling gaiters, therapy blankets and more products that support your horse in healing.

Ice-Vibe Boot cooling boots in black / aqua
statt 269,95
/horseware cool gaiters ice vibe boot in black aqua.html
Sealing ring SaHoMa-II
/ nebu tec sealing ring sahoma ii.html
Ice Vibe Boots in black
/horseware kuehlpacks ice vibe boots in black.html

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Stable boots Rambo Ionic in black / orange
/horseware stall gaiters rambo ionic in black orange.html

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Walker blanket Therapy Walker in Navy/Orange
/bucas walker blanket therapy walker in navyorange.html
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Shoulder protection in black
/back on track shoulder protection in black.html
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Gaiters opal in the back in brown
ab €84,00
/back on track gaiters opal back in brown.html
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Gaiters Opal at the back in blue
ab €84,00
/back on track gaiters opal back in blue.html
Rambo Ionic stable blanket liner 100g in black / orange
/horseware rambo ionic stall ceiling liner 100g in black orange.html
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Saddle pad Jump Nights Collection in graphite
/back on track jump saddle pad nights collection in graphite.html
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Shoulder protection light in black
/back on track shoulder protection light in black.html
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Nights Collection jumping saddle pad in olive green
statt 84,00
/back on track jumping saddle pad nights collection in olive green.html
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Nights Collection jumping saddle pad in dark red
statt 84,00
/back on track jumping saddle pad nights collection in dark red.html
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Fetlock boots Air Flow light Mesh in Brown
/back on track fetlock boots air flow light mesh in brown.html
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Air Flow Fur gaiters in black
/back on track air flow fur gaiters in black.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Magnetic Rug Recuptex blanket in marine
ab €204,89
/kentucky horsewear blanket magnetic rug recuptex in marine.html
Therapy Cooler in Navy/Orange
ab €169,00
/bucas therapy blanket therapy cooler in navyorange.html
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Stable boots Royal in blue, pair
/back on track stable leggings royal in blue pair.html
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Carpal joint protector right in black
/back on track carpal joint protector right in black.html
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Dressage belt with Welltex, elastic, in black
/back on track Dressage girth with welltex elastic in black.html
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Gaiters opal in front in blue
ab €75,01
/back on track gaiters opal front in blue.html
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Werano halter in blue
/back on track halter werano in blue.html
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Gaiters opal in front in brown
ab €75,01
/back on track gaiters opal front in brown.html
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Stable boots Royal in ruby ​​red, pair
/back on track stable gaiters royal in ruby ​​red pair.html
Sportz-Vibe dog blanket in black / green
ab €181,95
/horseware sportz vibe dog blanket in black green.html
Back on Track
Leggings 3D brushing with fur in black
ab €59,50
/back on track gaiters 3d brushing with fur in black.html
Sportz-vibe ZX massage blanket for horses in black and white
/horseware sportz vibe zx massage blanket for horses in black and white.html
Sportz-vibe ZX Baselayer Horse in black
/horseware sportz vibe zx baselayer horse in black.html
Cool packs - Hock Bead in black / aqua
/horseware kuehlpacks hock bead in black aqua.html
Gaiter magnetics 4 hours front
/veredus gaiter magnetic 4 hours front.html
Gaiter Magnetik 4 hours behind
/veredus gaiter magnetic 4 hours rear.html
Hock Magnetic Hock
/veredus ankle magnetic hock.html
Ankle protection Magnetik Pro Wrap
/veredus bondage protection magnetic pro wrap.html
Therapy blanket Magnetik Rug
/veredus therapy blanket magnetik rug.html
Stable boots Magnetik Stable Boot in black at the front
/veredus stable gaiters magnetik stable boot front in black.html
Stable boots Magnetik Stable Boot at the back in black
/veredus stable gaiters magnetik stable boot rear in black.html
Interesting too

Therapeutic products can help your horse heal.

Regardless of whether it is tendon damage, muscle tension or simply for prevention - therapeutic products can help your horse. You have various products to choose from for this. In addition to cooling gaiters, which are supposed to cool the tendons in the horse's leg after work, there are also therapeutic blankets for horses. These blankets are available as magnetic blankets or massage blankets, which are intended to relieve muscle tension. Magnetic field therapy also supports the metabolism as the cells are stimulated. Massage blankets like that Horseware Sportz-Vibe® ZX massage blankets made of mesh material help warm up and loosen up the muscles before work. After training or in between, the vibration of the massage panel relieves tension in the horse's back and neck - pure wellness for horses. But pay attention to how your reacts to the various therapy products. Especially on massage products like the Ice Vibe gaiters or the massage blanket from Horseware you should get your horse used to it slowly and watch the reaction closely.

Cooling boots - when should they be used?

Cool gaiters are available in different versions for cannon bone, ankle or carpal joint. Most often they are used around the stylus bone (cannon bone) Longing to cool off after an intense workout. This prevents swelling and inflammation. You should always use cooling gaiters instead of a simple ice pack to prevent the leg from overcooling. The advantage of Horseware Ice Vibe cooling gaiters lies in the vibration panels, which can be pushed into the gaiters from the side. This vibration ensures a steady blood flow, so when used correctly, hypothermia does not occur. In addition, the gaiters can be used without cooling pads to warm up the horse's legs before training. The LeMieux cooling gaiter ProIce Freeze Therapy does not have a massage function, but thanks to a special fabric in the gaiter it also prevents the tendons from overcooling. The unique Hypo-Freeze gel stays soft and contours the lower extremities to ensure maximum surface contact with tendons and joints. Cooling gaiters are also used for tendon damage when the leg is still warm. By reducing the heat, one can reduce the inflammation in the tendon and thus promote regeneration.

Magnetic field therapy for horses - magnetic field blankets and magnetic field gaiters

Magnetic field products are supposed to support healing processes in the horse's body in a natural way. Metal coils in the therapy blankets and gaiters generate a magnetic field using electrical voltage. Since the blood circulation and metabolism work with electromagnetic charges and discharges, the artificially generated magnetic field should support and strengthen this process. This can have the following advantages:

  • Pain and swelling are reduced
  • blood circulation is supported
  • the removal of toxins is accelerated
  • the healing process is accelerated
  • Muscles and vision are prepared for exertion - well before intensive training
One boot that offers therapeutic support is the Magnetik Stable Boot stable boot Veredus. This consists of a breathable HCL foam (AEROX) and a Dry Fast inner lining, which can be replaced. This stable gaiter with magnetic therapy is designed to reduce swelling after exertion.

Horseware Rambo Ionic products for therapeutic support of regeneration

Rambo Ionic products stimulate, strengthen and support horse and rider. Because crushed tourmaline is incorporated into the products. This is a naturally occurring crystal which, when crushed, releases electrical charge. In this way, the surrounding air molecules are converted into negative ions. The release of negative ions stimulates and regulates the circulatory system. This increases the cells' ability to absorb oxygen. The concentration is improved by increased oxygen levels in the blood and a faster supply of oxygen. In addition, increased oxygen levels in muscle tissue have a positive effect on energy during physical activity. The immune system is strengthened by the change in enzyme activity and the negative ions support the production of collagen. Negative ions support blood circulation, which can lower blood pressure. In addition, toxins are removed more efficiently and the pH of body fluids is regulated.

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