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Skin care for your horse

Skin problems such as dandruff, scabs and itching on the mane, crest of the mane, tail and base of the tail can be treated with ointments, skin oils, care creams, horse shampoos and sprays. at Lepona.de you will find a large selection of soothing and soothing horse care from Effol, Bense & Eicke, Leovet and Co.

Alumina Ice clay 8 kg
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Enjas #First Aid 100ml
/ soulhorse enjas first aid 100ml.html
Horse Wellness
Purisan 300 ml
/horse wellness purisan 300 ml.html

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Dermaspray 250ml
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Carr & Day & Martin
Protection Plus wound ointment
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Mouth butter banana 150 ml
/effol maul butter banana 150 ml.html
Skincare Balm 75ml
/ equixtreme skin care balm 75 ml.html
Skin ointment Lurax 200 ml
/ cavalor skin ointment lurax 200 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Itch Gard skin lotion, size: 500ml
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Keralysin Ointment Keralit
/keralit keralysin ointment keralit.html
Organic skin oil
/ leovet bio skin oil.html
Skin Repair, size: 30 ml
/effol skin repair size 30 ml.html
Mouth butter apple 150 ml
/effol maul butter apple 150 ml.html
Animals, 100ml
/ballistol animal 100 ml.html
Effol-Skin lotion 500 ml
/effol effol skin lotion 500 ml.html
Felix #Frostbeule - cooling gel # relax & chill formula 200ml
/ soulhorse felix frostbite cool gel relaxundchill formula 200ml.html
Propolis gel
/ leovet propolis gel.html
Deodorant spray Proscent naturally 250ml
/cavalor deospray proscent naturally 250ml.html
Skin Spray Switch
/cavalor skin spray switch.html
Mauke ointment MudDoc 200 ml
/cavalor maukesalbe muddoc 200 ml.html
Horse Wellness
Skin Balm 300 ml
/horse wellness skin balm 300 ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Milking fat with rosemary 100 ml
/ bense und eicke melkfett with rosemary 100 ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Maukosan 250ml
/ bense and eicke maukosan 250 ml.html

Recognizing a scuffle: treatment of scaly horse skin and inflamed fetlocks

Skin irritation, small crusts, white scales and scab formation in the fetlock can be the initial stage of scum. The cause of fetlock eczema in horses can be too much moisture over a long period of time or too long fetlock curtains, which offer optimal life conditions for bacteria. These bacteria are then also the cause of the skin disease. Careful treatment is essential, otherwise the disease can become chronic. This is particularly suitable for use in the fetlock and on damp and cracked skin areas Special spray Maukosan from Bense & Eicke. The antiseptic, dermatologically tested, offers against bacteria, viruses and parasites Care Cream Skin Repair by Effol a protective film. The wound healing, the reduction of the malaise and the skin regeneration can be determined after just a few applications.

Treat sweet itch and rain eczema in horses

If all the dirt has been removed, that is the case with the younger horse lovers Kids Star Shine Glitter Spray by Effol very popular as a glossy finish. The small, harmless glitter particles smell like raspberries, are particularly long-lasting, can be applied to mane, tail and fur and glisten wonderfully in the sun.

The care series Gallop by Carr & Day & Martin offers the right horse shampoo for every horse skin type

The main cause of summer eczema in horses is the mosquito species Culicoides. Through the bite of the culicoides, mosquito saliva gets into the horse's body. With the help of antibodies, the immune system tries to fight the mosquito's saliva. However, it happens that the saliva is allergenic and the horse shows an extremely violent immune reaction. Typical symptoms such as severe itching, flaking skin, crust formation and chafing on the mane, tail and croup then occur. Rain eczema is an unpleasant skin disease in which the symptoms are similar to those of summer eczema and are associated with chafing. Unfortunately there is no panacea for this disease, but you can effectively help your horse with natural ingredients such as marigold, St. John's wort or propolis. That Organic skin oil from Leovet sustainably reduces the annoying itching so that the horse's sore skin can regenerate. The natural substance propolis in that Propolis gel from Leovet has an antibacterial effect and thus naturally helps to improve the protective function of the skin against eczema, skin injuries or insect bites and accelerates wound healing.

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