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Fellschön Fur change assistant

Fellschön Fur change assistant

The award-winning horse brush from Fellschön is just right to help your horse change its coat and to remove dirt or sweat marks.

Award-winning coat change helper in glitter pink
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How can I help the horse change coat?

To make it easier for your horse to change its coat, you can support it with different brushes. Since changing the fur is very strenuous, you can also help with the food. Flaxseed oil provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and boost the immune system. It is an easily digestible source of energy, but should not be over-fed. Many horses try to rub against the box wall or the feeding trough when they change their coat to get rid of excess fur and dander. You can support this with a shedding brush and thus reduce this chafing somewhat.

Changing coat with long hair - what can you do?

If your horse is not clipped in winter and develops a lot of winter fur, you can also remove loose fur with a Furminator, a curry comb or the coat change tool. As a result, the long coat can no longer become matted, which brings great relief to your horse. You should always make sure that there are no matted areas in the fur, as skin allergies can develop there. But beware! Horses that live unshorn and without a blanket in the open stable should not be brushed too much, as this destroys the important layer of fat on the top coat. However, this is absolutely necessary so that no rain or water can penetrate the skin. When your horse then switches to the summer coat, support it with a coat change aid so that it can get rid of the undercoat or thick coat. This horse brush has become indispensable in equestrian sports, because it removes loose fur like no other brush. The sanded metal edges at the front are like a kind of comb that removes all loose hair, dander and sweat marks, as well as dirt.

Fellschön helps when changing fur

Anyone who keeps their horses in an open stable or at least allows them the necessary daily run of several hours in the herd is always faced with the problem of grooming. It doesn't matter whether it's changing the coat every six months or cleaning before riding: horses that are kept as species-appropriate as possible often need a more intensive cleaning of the coat. Do you find yourself or your horse here again? Then the award-winning horse brush from Fellschön precisely. Developed as a shedding brush, it is just as suitable for daily cleaning before riding. It removes loose hair, dirt, sweat marks and encrustations without leaving any residue in the brush. The annoying repeated depilation of the coat change brush is no longer necessary, the combed hair falls on the floor and can be swept up and disposed of there without any problems. The smooth surface makes this product stand out Fellschön good in the hand and glides easily through the coat, even when the horse is in winter coat.

Fellschön in different colors, high-quality processed

The fur change brush from Fellschön are available in several colors, such as turquoise, grey, ocher yellow, apple green, emerald green or glitter pink. All are made from local wood and are handcrafted. This means that every skin change aid is unique "Made in Germany". The makers of Fellschön We attach great importance to effectiveness, sustainability and an attractive appearance - exactly what is important to you. Enjoy the new way of grooming: quick, easy and clean! The wedge shape lies particularly well in the hand, which is particularly important for intensive grooming. The hand must not start cramping when cleaning. Thanks to the wedge shape of the horse brush, you can use it with both hands without much effort.