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Leather cleaning for saddlery, bridles & riding boots

Many equestrian sports articles are made of smooth leather, which becomes cracked, porous, brittle or brittle due to horse sweat, dust particles and other dirt. You can clean your leather gear with leather cleaners, leather soap and saddle soap from top brands like Effax and clean Leovet.

Kentucky Horsewear
Cleaning spray for synthetic leather Tack Cleaner
/kentucky horsewear cleaning spray for imitation leather tack cleaner.html
Leather Combi 500ml
/effax leather combi 500ml.html
Flic-Flac Leather Cream Soap, 400 ml
/effax leather cream soap flic flac 400 ml.html

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Leather foam 200 ml
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Schockemöhle Sports
Spray Soap Saddle Soap Sports 500 ml
/ schockemoehle sports spray soap saddle soap sports 500 ml.html
Lederliebe No1 cleaning spray 500ml
/ soulhorse lederliebe no1 cleaning spray 500ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Leather cleaning sponge
/ carr and day and martin lederreinigungsschwamm.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Brecknell Turner saddle soap 500 ml
/ carr and day and martin saddle soap brecknell turner 500 ml.html
Saddle soap Passier 200ml
/ passier saddle soap passier 200ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Brecknell Turner saddle soap 250 ml
/ carr and day and martin saddle soap brecknell turner 250 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Belvoir Step 1 leather cleaner 500 ml
/ carr and day and martin leather cleaner belvoir step 1 500 ml.html
Suede sponge
/hey suede sponge.html
Leggings Wonder 250 ml
/effax gaiters miracle 250 ml.html
Leather care case
/effax leather care case.html
Boot cream Kiwi 50 ml in black
/ kiwi boot cream kiwi 50 ml in black.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Boot Cleaner Boot Cleaner 200ml
/kentucky horsewear gaiter cleaner boot cleaner 200ml.html
Leather soap 450ml
/ leovet leather soap 450ml.html
Glycerin soap 250 ml
/effax glycerin soap 250 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Care sponge for horses
/ carr and day and martin care sponge for horses.html
Sport Combi Wash 250 ml
/hey sport combi wash 250 ml.html
Leather suit + 500 ml spray
/effax leather combi 500 ml spray.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Belvoir leather soap 250 g
/ carr and day and martin leather soap belvoir 250 g.html

Mold on leather products - prevent and remove at an early stage

First of all, the storage of bridles and saddlery is important. Above all, it should be dry, because the saddle, bridle, breastplate, stirrup leathers, etc. are susceptible to moisture. After that, suitable care products play a crucial role in cleaning leather. Leather cleaner, leather soap and saddle soap can be used here. However, if time in the stable is short and cleaning of saddlery and boots has to be done quickly, there are Effax the Leather Combi +. Thanks to the variable spray head, the intensive care can be used as a spray or foam for cleaning leather and the innovative, powerful and fat-free formula prevents mold infestation.

How do I clean the saddle and bridle with saddle soap?

In equestrian sports, a lot of equipment is made of leather, such as your horse's saddle and bridle. Leather is a high-maintenance material, but with the right leather cleaning and care it will remain supple for decades. Before you treat your leather goods with leather care, it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt such as dust and sweat. Saddle soap is ideal for cleaning smooth leather. Otherwise, all you need is a bucket of lukewarm water and a soft sponge. The leather soap is applied with the moistened sponge. This usually results in foam formation and the dirt can be removed from the leather even better. After cleaning, it is advisable to let the leather item dry and wipe it off with a dry, soft cloth. After the gentle and at the same time pore-deep cleaning, you can treat the leather with care products such as leather fat so that the leather lasts even longer.

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