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Stick bits

Bar bits are available in many different materials and in different shapes. But they all belong only in the hands of experienced riders, because one-sided rein aids or working out the position and bend is not possible with a bar bit.

Please note that we do not give any guarantee against biting. Please do not test the bit in the horse's mouth if you are unsure of the size, as we cannot take back bits with scratches.

Bar bit sensitive in black / blue
/acavallo bar bit sensitive in black-blue.html
Pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm, 7 cm beam
/sprenger pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm 7 cm underlay.html
Inno Sense thigh bit, medium tongue clearance, 20 mm
/trust inno sense thigh bridle medium tongue clearance 20 mm.html

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Rod bit rubber, 20mm
/sprenger bar bit rubber 20mm.html

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Inno Sense flexi soft thigh bit, 20 mm
/trust thigh bridle inno sense flexi soft 20 mm.html
D-ring bit Sweet Iron with medium tongue freedom, 16 mm
/trust d ring bit sweet iron with medium tongue clearance 16 mm.html
Olive head rod bit hard carbon, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head rod bit hard carbon 16 mm.html
D-Ring bridle Max Control, double broken, 16mm
/sprenger d ring bridle max control double broken 16mm.html
Rod bit Flex Control Sensogan, 18 mm,
/sprenger rod bit flex control sensogan 18 mm.html
Bit Happy Apple Bit, 20 mm
/ usg bit happy apple bit 20 mm.html
Post curb, 16 mm
/sprenger post curb 16 mm.html
Curb Bemelmans 4 mm - Sensogan
/sprenger double bridle bemelmans 4 mm sensogan.html
Jumping curbs, 16 mm
/sprenger spring curb 16 mm.html
Curb Cyprium in silver
/ waldhausen curb cyprium in silver.html
Snaffle ring, Konnex tongue arch, soft, 18mm
/ beris snaffle bit konnex tongue curved soft 18mm.html
Bar bit with free tongue, normal, 20 mm
/nathe bar bite with tongue freedom normal 20 mm.html
Bit Satinox 14mm
/sprenger bar bit satinox 14mm.html
Happy Mouth
bit Happy Mouth corrugated rod
/happy mouth gebiss happy mouth corrugated rod.html
Double bit short suits, massive
/ waldhausen curb bit short suit massive.html
Rubber rod bit, flexible
/ waldhausen rubber bar bit flexible.html
Rubber pelham, rod rigid, anatomical
/ waldhausen rubber pelham rod rigid anatomical.html
Baby Pelham Inno Sense medium hard
ab €160,00
/trust baby pelham inno sense medium-hard.html
Training bit KK Aurigan, 18 mm
/sprenger training bit kk aurigan 18 mm.html
Correction bit KK Sensogan, 18 mm
/sprenger correction bit kk sensogan 18 mm.html
Correction bit KK Aurigan, 18 mm
/sprenger corrective bite kk aurigan 18 mm.html
Rod bit Sensogan, 16 mm
/sprenger rod bit sensogan 16 mm.html
Aurigan bar bit, 16 mm
/sprenger bar bit aurigan 16 mm.html
Rod bit CM Sensogan, 16 mm
/sprenger rod bit cm sensogan 16 mm.html
Bar bit CM Aurigan, 16 mm
/sprenger bar bit cm aurigan 16 mm.html
Pull rod olive head hard carbon, 16 mm
/sprenger Pulling rod, olive head, hard carbon 16 mm.html
Linda Tellington-Jones teeth, 13 mm
/sprenger linda tellington jones bit 13 mm.html
Pelham CM Aurigan, 16 mm, 4,5 cm beam
/sprenger pelham cm aurigan 16 mm 45 cm frame.html
Hard rubber pelham as a rod, 18mm, 7cm beam
/sprenger hard rubber pelham as rod 18mm 7cm underlay.html
Curb Bemelmans Sensogan, 16 mm, 5cm beam, great freedom of tongues
/sprenger curb bemelmans sensogan 16 mm 5cm with large tongue freedom.html
Curb HS Sensogan, 16 mm, 5 cm beam, extra large tongue clearance
/sprenger curb hs sensogan 16 mm 5 cm underlay extra large tongue-free.html
HO Aurigan double bridle, 5 cm underlay, small tongue space
/sprenger curb ho aurigan 5 cm underlay small tongue space.html

Bar bits put even pressure on the entire tongue. In contrast to a single or double broken bit, there is less pressure on the edges of the tongue. You should always choose the bit that is exactly the right one for your horse, because if the bit is too big, it can become jammed if you press the reins on one side. Bar bits are often used for very strong horses that, for example, elude the rider's help when approaching an obstacle. Also for horses with tongue problems (pressure sensitivity - tongue is pulled up or stretched out to the side), a bar bit with freedom of the tongue can be an advantage. Flexible bar bits are particularly suitable for horses that occasionally tighten and are often well accepted by horses that are with not coping well with broken teeth. This is also a good alternative to the classic bar bit Max Control bit by Sprenger, which at first looks like a normal broken set of teeth and becomes a bar with strong pressure.
However, it is always important to handle the bar bit with sensitivity. The rider should be able to ride the horse independently of the reins with weight and leg aids.