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Bits for your horse

Find in a wide range of manufacturers like Sprenger, Trust or Stübben Steel Tec the right bit for your horse. Lepona offers a wide range of single, double jointed or straight bits.

Please note that we do not give any guarantee against biting. Please do not test the bit in the horse's mouth if you are unsure of the size, as we cannot take back bits with scratches.

Bar bit sensitive in black / blue
/acavallo bar bit sensitive in black-blue.html
Olive bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive bridle double broken 16 mm.html
Snaffle ring, stainless steel, double-jointed, 16 mm
/sprenger Snaffle ring, stainless steel, double-jointed 16 mm.html

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Eggbutt bit double jointed Soft Contact 12 mm
/br olive head bit double jointed soft contact 12 mm.html

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Loose ring copper Plus, double jointed, 16 mm
/sprenger snaffle bit copper plus double jointed 16 mm.html
Thigh bridle Turnado, simply broken, 16mm
/sprenger bridle turnado simply broken 16mm.html
Padded bridle KK ultra 12mm Sensogan
/sprenger padded bridle kk ultra 12mm sensogan.html
Snaffle bit Pronamic 14mm Sensogan simply broken
/sprenger water snaffle pronamic 14mm sensogan simply broken.html
Olive bridle, simply broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive bridle simply broken 16 mm.html
Pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm, 7 cm beam
/sprenger pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm 7 cm underlay.html
Olive head bit CU-Plus, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head bite cu plus double jointed 16 mm.html
Copper roller bit D-ring 13 mm
/sprenger copper roller bit d ring 13 mm.html
Thigh bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Thigh bridle double broken 16 mm.html
D-ring bit, single joint, 16 mm, stainless steel
/sprenger d ring bit simply broken 16 mm stainless steel.html
Loose ring KK Ultra Sensogan, double jointed, 16 mm with Aurigan rings
/sprenger snaffle ring kk ultra sensogan double jointed 16 mm with aurigan rings.html
Kaugan® dressage curb, extra thin, stainless steel suits in Kaugan
/busse dressage curbs kaugan extra thin stainless steel in kaugan.html
Stübben STEELtec
Sweet copper water bridle, double broken
/ stuebben steeltec bridle sweet copper double broken.html
Bit WH Ultra 14 mm - Sensogan
/sprenger bit wh ultra 14 mm sensogan.html
Sweet Iron Weymouth fixed curb bit, small tongue clearance, 16 mm
/trust curb bite sweet iron weymouth fixed small tongue space 16 mm.html
Snaffle bit copper Plus, single broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Snaffle ring copper plus single broken 16 mm.html
Novocontact Sensogan olive bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Novocontact sensogan olive bridle double broken 16 mm.html
Padded snaffle bit Dynamic RS Sensogan, double broken, 14 mm
/sprenger Underlay bridle dynamic rs sensogan double broken 14 mm.html
Gag snaffle, double broken, 16mm, stainless steel
/ waldhausen double snaffle bridle 16mm stainless steel.html
Underlay bridle Sensogan, simply broken, 14 mm
/sprenger Plain bridle sensogan simply broken 14 mm.html
Inno Sense thigh bit, medium tongue clearance, 20 mm
/trust inno sense thigh bridle medium tongue clearance 20 mm.html
Rod bit rubber, 20mm
/sprenger bar bit rubber 20mm.html
3-ring snaffle KK Ultra Universal Sensogan, double-jointed, 18 mm
/sprenger 3 ring bridle kk ultra universal sensogan double-jointed 18 mm.html
Sensogan bridle, simply broken, 14 mm
/sprenger bridle sensogan simply broken 14 mm.html
Inno Sense flexi soft thigh bit, 20 mm
/trust thigh bridle inno sense flexi soft 20 mm.html
Olive head snaffle hard carbon, simply broken, 16 mm, stainless steel
/sprenger olive head snaffle hard carbon simply broken 16 mm stainless steel.html
Eggbut anatomical, simply broken, 16mm, stainless steel
/ waldhausen olive head dentition anatomically simply broken 16mm stainless steel.html
D-ring bit Sweet Iron with medium tongue freedom, 16 mm
/trust d ring bit sweet iron with medium tongue clearance 16 mm.html
Sweet Iron Bradoon loose ring, single broken, 16 mm
/trust snaffle bit sweet iron bradoon single broken 16 mm.html
Olive head bit Dynamic RS Sensogan with D-shaped ring, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head bit dynamic rs sensogan with d-shaped ring double broken 16 mm.html
Olive head rod bit hard carbon, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head rod bit hard carbon 16 mm.html

Finding the right bit for your horse is not always easy. Some horses go against the hand or curl up. Some prefer stainless steel to other materials. There are horses that run better with a single broken bit than a double broken bit, or vice versa. Are you looking for a suitable curb bit or maybe even want to ride without a bit? Then you have landed on the right page, because we provide you with all kinds of information about bits and their effects. This is how you can find the right bit for your horse.

water Bridles

A snaffle bit is a single or double jointed bit with continuous side rings. When buying, make sure it is wide enough so that you don't pinch your horse's lips. The rings must move freely.

Eggbutt dentures

A special feature are the olive-shaped metal pieces at the end of the bit. These provide better lateral support. They also ensure a calmer position in the horse's mouth. The eggbutt bit is selected half a size to a full size smaller than a snaffle bit so that the side parts fit at the corner of the mouth.

Popular bit brands

Double bit

Anyone who rides a double bridle should have two things in particular: a seat that is independent of the reins and a fine, gentle hand. The curb belongs in the hands of a very well-trained rider and is used to refine aids and lessons. Both horse and rider should be very well trained, which is why it is usually only used in higher dressage.


A bridle is used in conjunction with a double bridle. The difference to the normal bit lies in the thickness and the often smaller rings.

Measure your teeth correctly

When choosing the right bit, not only the type and shape of the bit is important, but also the right strength and width of the bit. If this is not correct, your horse will not walk properly with any bit, because something always presses or pinches somewhere and that is very uncomfortable in the horse's mouth. So if you notice problems with the current bit, first check whether this bit is the right size.

Is my bit LPO approved?

Are you not sure whether your bit is approved for the selected test class? Then you can simply click here to find the right bits for your exam. For a better overview, we have divided the bits into the various disciplines and tests. LPO - approval status 2018 - therefore without guarantee.

Double broken bits

A double jointed bit consists of three parts. As a result, the bit lies on the tongue and encompasses it. It should lie quieter in the mouth than a simply broken bit. However, if the rein pressure is too strong, the bit can also have a strong effect on the bars.

Stick bits

When it comes to bar bits, most riders immediately think of curbs or pelhams. However, there are also bar bits as water snaffles or olive head bits. The rod lies straight on the tongue. If the rein pressure on one side is too strong, the rod can tilt, which is why such a bit only belongs on experienced slopes.

How dentures work

Not sure how the individual mouthpieces actually work? Heiko Schmidt-Sentek from Sprenger explains to you exactly how single broken bits, double broken bits or bar bits work in different variations.

Denture materials and their advantages

Sensogan and Aurigan from Sprenger are bit materials that have been specially developed for use in the horse's mouth. The composition is based on scientific knowledge and was toxicologically examined by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover and rated as harmless.

stainless steel bits are characterized by their high durability and low price. Stainless steel is tasteless and will not rust. The weight of these bits depends on whether they are solid or hollow. With a bit made of stainless steel, you should always check whether eventell have formed sharp edges through long, heavy use.

The "soft bits" category includes all materials that are softer than metal. This is mainly about Plastic or leather bits. But also bits made of rubber and Happy Mouth You can find apple bits in this category.

Copper bits are usually a combination of stainless steel and copper inserts. The taste of copper stimulates the horse's salivation. Because copper is a soft metal, copper bits are prone to wear. So always make sure your teeth are in perfect condition.

Sweet iron is a company material Trust. Contact with moisture causes the bit to develop surface rust, which tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the horse's salivation.