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Never get on your horse without a riding helmet - no matter how nice and well-behaved it may be. A horse can always get startled or slip and your head is in danger. Riding helmets save lives. Discover a large selection of riding caps in a wide variety of designs - to suit your style.

Inlay Shadowmatt in black
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Inlay premium high liner
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Kep Italia
Inner pad KEP in black
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Shadowmatt Standard riding helmet in black
/samshield riding helmet shadowmatt standard in black.html

Riding helmets of Lepona Community

Show our community that safety is really stylish with your riding helmet outfit. Use the hashtag #leponaequestrian sport and inspire other riders.

Riding helmet Suxxeed Starshine Limited Edition in black/silver
statt 379,96
/ uvex riding helmet suxxeed starshine limited edition in black silver.html
Riding helmet Miss Shield Shadowglossy Black Chrome in black
/samshield riding helmet miss shield shadowglossy black chrome in black.html
Riding helmet Miss Shield Shadowmatt Alcantara Crystal Fabric Black in black
/samshield riding helmet miss shield shadowmatt alcantara crystal fabric black in black.html
Inlay XC / XJ standard in black
/samshield inlay xcxj standard in black.html
Kep Italia
Inner pad for Cromo 2.0 riding helmet in black
/kep italia inner pad for riding helmet cromo 20 in black.html
Inlay for KASK in black
/ kask inlay for kask in black.html
Riding Helmet Shadowmatt Alcantara Crystal Fabric black in black
/samshield riding helmet shadowmatt alcantara crystal fabric black in black.html
Kep Italia
Riding helmet Cromo ABS Cromo Smart Polish Polo in blue
/kep italia riding helmet cromo abs cromo smart polish polo in blue.html
Shadowmatt Standard riding helmet in blue
/samshield riding helmet shadowmatt standard in blue.html
Inlay XC / XJ Premium in black
/samshield inlay xcxj premium in black.html
Shadowmatt riding helmet Black Chrome Blason Crystal Fabric Silver in black
/samshield riding helmet shadow matt black chrome blason crystal fabric silver in black.html
Shadowmatt Standard riding helmet in brown
/samshield riding helmet shadowmatt standard in brown.html
Kep Italia
Riding helmet Cromo ABS Cromo Smart Polish in black
/kep italia riding helmet cromo abs cromo smart polish in black.html
Riding helmet Miss Shield Shadowmatt Alcantara 5 Swarovski stones black in black
/samshield riding helmet miss shield shadowmatt alcantara 5 swarovski stones black in black.html
Riding helmet Shadowmatt Blue Chrome Black Blason Crystal Fabric Gold in blue
/samshield riding helmet shadowmatt blue chrome black blason crystal fabric gold in blue.html
Shadowmatt riding helmet Black Chrome Blason Crystal Fabric Gold in black
/samshield riding helmet shadow matt black chrome blason crystal fabric gold in black.html
Kep Italia
Riding helmet Cromo Matt in black with beige chin strap
/kep italia Riding helmet cromo matt in black with beige chin strap.html
Riding helmet Miss Shield Shadowmatt Alcantara Crystal Fabric Blue in blue
/samshield riding helmet miss shield shadowmatt alcantara crystal fabric blue in blau.html
Riding helmet AirLuxe Pure in shiny black
/abus pikeur riding helmet airluxe pure in shiny black.html

Riding helmets can save lives!

It is not without reason that rider helmets are part of the basic equipment in equestrian sport as riding clothing. When riding, no matter how much experience you have on horseback, you must never neglect your safety. It doesn't matter how nice and reliable your horse is. Because accidents are usually one thing: unforeseen. A horse slips on wet ground, or simply stumbles, and your head is in danger. Falls are not only painful, but also dangerous. In the event of a head injury, there is a risk of permanent damage. To avoid this, there is the riding helmet. The riding cap is made of plastic in a similar way to the bicycle helmet, which makes it pleasantly light. The best-known manufacturers of riding helmets in Germany are probably Uvex, Samshield, Casco and Kep. But also brands like Pikeur, ELT, BR or Swing make riding helmets. No matter which manufacturer you prefer: the main thing is that you wear a helmet.

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How are riding helmets constructed?

Rider helmets usually consist of a plastic outer shell and a styrofoam inner shell. Many high-quality riding helmets are also reinforced with a layer of carbon or polycarbonate to increase the protective effect. The inner shell made of styrofoam or EPS is protected by an inlay. This often removable padding absorbs sweat and protects the inner shell. If the inlay can be removed, it can easily be cleaned by hand or in the washing machine. Follow the washing instructions in the helmet.

An additional element of a riding helmet is the sun visor on the front, which, for example, can be found on a Samshield Miss Shield is particularly wide. This polo visor protects even more from the sun than the usual short visor. Especially when riding out, it can be advisable to protect your eyes from the sun. In addition, of course, the closure also belongs on the helmet. This can be adjusted in width and position on many helmets. Furthermore, many riding helmets have an adjustment wheel in the neck area, with which you can adjust the width of the helmet.

When building a riding helmet, one can distinguish between three different technologies. In the Inmould technology the inner layer is inseparably connected with the outer shell. This ensures a lightweight helmet construction with maximum impact strength. The Hard shell technology refers to the separate structure of the outer shell and inner shell. This construction enables a better installation of ventilation openings and air channels. The breathability is increased and thus ensures optimal wearing comfort. The third variant is that Hybrid technology. This combines the advantages of hard shell and inmould technology with a very low helmet weight. The protective effect is given in all variants. No matter which riding cap you choose, the riding helmet is indispensable in show jumping, eventing and dressage riding.

What designs are there for riding caps?

With riding helmets you have a very large selection. The classic helmet is covered with velvet and is reminiscent of the dressage caps of the past. Nowadays you will mainly find matte or glossy plastic surfaces. Whether velvety or matt - many riding helmets for women are provided with decorative elements. Swarowski stones, chrome elements or colorful piping adorn the modern riding helmet. Many riders even have a particularly nice helmet just for the tournament. This can be a little more unusual in dressage. Uvex specially developed the Suxxeed series. The perfect square look is achieved with the Suxxeed Glamor riding helmet. This dressage helmet is just as elegant in its effect as a top hat. With a darkening glitter insert, the Swarowski crystals and the combination with blue, black or brown imitation velor, this helmet is particularly elegant. If you like it a little more radiant, the riding helmets are Suxxeed Delight or Suxxeed Flash something for you. These luxury riding helmets are limited edition in black and navy available - perfect for a really grand entrance.

For jumping or versatility, you might want a somewhat sportier riding helmet. For example, the Uvex Perfexxion at. The ventilation has been technically renewed and the entire helmet is streamlined. If you still don't want to do without a bit of glitter on your head protection, you can go for Perfexxion Glamor. With this Uvex Perfexxion, tiny rhinestones are embedded in the honeycomb structure of the ventilation. And don't worry - the stones don't hinder breathability. Aesthetics are very important to many riders and especially female riders - but only head protection is really important.

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What functions and properties does the riding helmet have?

The most important function of a riding helmet is obvious: it should protect your head from damage in the event of a fall or riding accident. In the event of an accident, the helmet serves as a buffer to absorb the impact energy. This can occur in the event of a fall or drop, eventual hoof kicks or drooping branches may be the case. You should never ride without a riding helmet, because even the best horse can slip or be frightened. The manufacturers we manage GPA, Casco, Uvex, Pikeur, BR, Samshield and all others meet the current safety standard VG1. The safety certificate is given inside the helmet with the CE mark and states that the helmet corresponds to the product-specific applicable European directives.
The headgear also serves as protection against rain and solar radiation, which can disturb you while riding. It can be very dangerous under certain circumstances if you overlook obstacles or other riders due to the sun's rays.
Riding helmets also have a ventilation function. The manufacturers are continuously developing ventilation systems so that you don't get too warm under the helmet. Specifically placed ventilation slots and channels ensure optimal air circulation in the helmet in summer. A high level of breathability prevents heat build-up.

When should the riding helmet be replaced? Can you still ride with a helmet after a riding accident or a fall?

If your helmet has hit hard ground, such as an accidental fall from the gang, you should replace it. Even small blows can lead to micro-cracks in the shell and thus impair the protective function. Many manufacturers also indicate a material durability of 5 to 7 years. Therefore, you should also replace your helmet after this period at the latest to ensure safety when riding. If you fell with your helmet, it is also advisable to replace the riding cap. Head protection can then no longer be 100% guaranteed.

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Buying a used riding helmet?

Used riding helmets are not a particularly good idea. You never know for sure whether the protective effect is still there. Perhaps the helmet has already been involved in a riding accident or fall, which you cannot always tell from the rider's helmet. A fully functional helmet is indispensable in equestrian sports. In addition, the upholstery may already have suffered. In most cases the inlay can be replaced, but the foam can also have been damaged by dirt and sweat. It is therefore advisable to buy your own helmet for reasons of hygiene.

This is how you can find the right riding helmet

If you are looking for a riding helmet, make sure that your preferred model has a valid certification mark. The CE EN 1384-2000 test mark is required for riding helmets. In recent years, this guideline has been subject to repeated adjustments. The riding helmet must also fit perfectly and should guarantee solid ventilation. If you are buying a riding helmet for the first time, you should first measure your head circumference. Today almost all riding helmets are adjustable in size. This principle was adopted from the bicycle helmets and is easy to use. Just try the different riding helmets with us, because every brand has a different shape and looks a little different on every head. It is important that the riding helmet must not slip. Especially when jumping and eventing, the helmet must not slip on your eyes. But a wobbling helmet can also be a nuisance when riding and dressage and no longer shows its full protective effect.

This is how you measure the riding helmet and find the right size

How do I measure the riding helmet so that it fits correctly? How do I know what size I need for a riding helmet? We are often asked this question. Of course, it's best to try on a helmet straight away. Then you notice relatively quickly whether it fits, pushes somewhere or sits strangely. However, if you want to order your first riding helmet online and do not have the opportunity to come to us in Lippstadt, you can read off the right size from a size table.

Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. To do this, place the measuring tape around your head at the widest point, e.g. just above your ears or at the level of the middle of your forehead. Then you can read off the circumference and compare it with the measurement table. If you're between two sizes, go for the larger size. Most rider helmets are adjustable, so you can put it a little tighter so it doesn't slip.

Riding helmet size table - here you can find your suitable riding helmet size

Head circumference in cm international size Example
49 - 50 XXXS Onyxx riding helmet
51 - 52 XXS Children's riding helmet onyxx mat in blue mat
53 - 54 XS Perfexxion II glamor riding helmet
55 - 56 S Riding helmet Spirit-3 Crystal blue
57 - 58 M Suxxeed diamond riding helmet
59 - 60 L Easy 2X riding helmet
61 - 62 XL Pro Safe Excellence riding helmet
63 - 64 XXL On request

What do you have to consider when wearing a riding cap?

You should note the following when buying a riding helmet and then wearing it:

  1. Position the riding cap horizontally on your head. You should not pull the helmet too low over your forehead so as not to restrict your view. At the back of the head, the riding cap should completely enclose the occiput, the adjustment knob on many helmets is then exactly above the hollow above the atlas vertebra. Your ears should be centered in the triangle of the fastening straps. Many helmets allow you to adjust the position of the straps.
  2. High-quality products can be adjusted both in height and in width. So you can adapt the helmet to the shape of your head. The riding helmet should neither be too tight nor too loose. You should adjust the chin strap so that it fits, but does not cut in or press.
  3. Test the adjustment of your helmet by shaking your head. With a vigorous nod, you check whether it slips forward onto your eyebrows. If this is the case, or if the helmet wobbles with a slight shake of the head, it is not yet properly locked or is simply too big. Only a correctly adjusted riding helmet offers you optimal protection. If you are not sure of your helmet size, we will be happy to help you on site in our shop in Lippstadt.

Uvex riding helmets - perfect protection at every moment

Regardless of whether you are out in a square, on a parcour or off-road - a riding helmet from Uvex is always the perfect companion. A sophisticated design, high-quality surfaces, best ventilation paired with unbeatable safety characterize a Uvex helmet. The German company was founded in 1920 and has been producing equestrian accessories and protective equipment with the highest safety standards ever since. The latest product in this category is the riding helmet Elexxion, Elexxion Plus, Elexxion Pro, and Uvex Elexxion Pro ltd. The unique hybrid helmet combines the two leading technologies in riding helmet production - inmould and hard shell technology. It sets new standards in ventilation, design and, above all, weight. With only 470 g is the Uvex elexxion one of the lightest riding helmets on the market. A special feature of this helmet series is the innovative ventilation. The individually adjustable shield ventilation system ensures pleasant cooling even in warm temperatures. So a perfect part of your riding clothing.

The Uvex Exxential riding helmet series includes affordable entry-level models, which in no way fall behind in terms of security. Only the design is adapted to the price segment and mainly offers matt plastic surfaces in black, blue or brown with or without decorative elements. The inexpensive models can also be perfectly adapted to the shape of the head with the 3-way function and the width adjustment wheel.

Looking for a little more glamor? Then they are Uvex Suxxeed helmets just the right choice. The Uvex Suxxed is available in 10 different design variants. There is something for every taste.

Explanations of Uvex riding helmets

Riding helmets from KEP Italia are particularly stylish

KEP riding helmets are immediately recognizable by their design. The front ventilation grille with inner protective net made of steel and the KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM ventilation system immediately catches the eye and makes the KEP cap an eye-catcher. Apart from its appearance, the ventilation grille also has an important function: thanks to the internal control of temperature and air circulation through the channels provided in the polystyrene, it ensures optimal ventilation. Kep helmets also have straps with 5-point attachment to the helmet shell. The inner lining made of Coolmax functional fabric is breathable, comfortable and can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 ° C. At around 470 grams, a Kep helmet is particularly light. The helmet shells are not adjustable in size. To adapt the helmet to your head size you need an inlay in your size.
All KEP riding helmets

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Riding helmets from Casco for women, men and children

CASCO is one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of high-quality helmets. In addition to the detailed design concepts, CASCO on innovations. With a lot of time and commitment, the helmet specialist develops solutions to make wearing riding helmets as safe, comfortable and flexible as possible. This has resulted in a large number of patents and awards. Lots Casco Riding caps are cut quite low at the back of the head.
All Casco Helmets

Pikeur offers a wide range of helmets

Few riders are aware that the renowned manufacturer of equestrian accessories Pikeur also offers riding helmets. The Pro Safe riding helmet optimally combines the three components of safety, comfort and design. The ABS or carbon outer shell with the inmould edge protection offers maximum security. In addition, Pikeur riding caps offer a 3-way ventilation system for excellent air circulation, exchangeable, washable inlets made of Coolmax mesh and an adjustable chin strap with 4-point attachment, as well as an anatomically shaped neck pad.
All Pikeur riding helmets

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Samshield Riding caps can be configured individually

The choice of individual designs is at Samshield hard to beat. You can configure your riding helmet according to your own personal taste or buy a preconfigured product. A secure hold, an optimal fit and water-repellent materials characterize the Samshield riding helmet off. The French brand offers various series: Shadow Matt & Glossy as the standard variant, Miss Shield with a wide visor specially adapted for women, Alcantara Premium for a special look or Shadowrace without a visor. These helmet shapes can be further individualized by choosing different top inlays, decorative strips, blazons and the design of the frontal band on the Miss Shield. The combinations are almost limitless.
All Samshield Helmets Samshield configurator

GPA - the popular riding helmet brand from France with high security

GPA has been making riding helmets since 1998, but was previously very successful in the production of helmets for racing drivers. Many of the technologies were adopted for equestrian sports. Therefore, GPA riding helmets are among the safest helmets on the market. The GPA First Lady riding helmet is the first riding helmet specially developed for women.
All GPA riding helmets

Do you have to look after a riding helmet and how is a helmet properly stored?

If the helmet is dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. For riding hats with velor or imitation velor, you can use a suede brush and carefully brush the helmet. In summer you benefit from a removable inlay. You can then wash it by hand or in the machine according to the washing instructions. Please do not put your riding cap in the dry cleaning, washing machine or even in the dishwasher. Regular maintenance increases the durability of your helmet.

You should never put the helb upside down on the floor. Because this leads to scratches on the plastic surface. Instead, lay it correctly on a soft surface. In addition, never expose it to direct sun, because intense heat can age the material quickly. To protect your riding helmet, you can keep it in a helmet bag. Many manufacturers offer a thin helmet bag as an extra when buying. A real helmet bag offers better protection against dirt and bumps. You can find helmet bags in our category bags

Riding helmets for children

Every rider should wear a riding helmet, but this is particularly important for children. We offer a wide range of products especially for children. The Children's riding helmets are optically adapted to the needs of young riders. A new helmet is necessary when the old helmet has become too small and is pressing. The protection provisions and requirements do not differ from the articles for adults. The same security certificates apply. A children's helmet with interchangeable inlays or with an adjustment option is ideal for growth spurts. Young people in particular can get along well with a size XS-S and the riding helmet grows with them for a while. There is also, for example, from Casco great helmet accessories with which the appearance can be quickly adapted and individualized. The interchangeable tucks of the My-Style series are available in many different colors. The plain black of one Casco Mistrall riding helmet can be upgraded in no time and adapted to the situation. There are also tucks with reflective stripes, which increase visibility.

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Riding helmets with glitter

The caps with glitter are particularly popular with soft dressage riders. But you also cut a fine figure with a cap like this on your home pitch. You can choose between a more eye-catching and luxurious glitter top and the more subtle version with rhinestones on the blazon. Glitter riding helmets don't just look good, they protect your head just as well as subtle variants.

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Inexpensive riding helmets with good function

Many equestrian manufacturers offer inexpensive riding helmets with a good protective function. The Company Busse offers visually sporty or particularly elegant designs at a pleasant price. Riding helmets from the Dutch brand BR have a velvety surface with design highlights such as chrome or glitter inlays. Also Waldhausen Swing as well as HV Polo offer riding helmets in a cheaper price range, which are well suited as entry-level models. Despite the low price, these riding helmets meet all safety standards.

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