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Competition Time

Tournament equipment for horse & rider

A tournament shirt, tournament jacket and white riding breeches are the standard clothing for riders at a tournament. White riding gloves and riding boots should also be worn, as well as a safe riding helmet. A white saddle pad for the horse and white gaiters or bandages are common in dressage. In show jumping, things can be a little more colorful.

Elegant appearance

Tournament jackets & tailcoats

Competition jackets are indispensable for all riders who want to present their horse at competitions. In this category, women, men and children will find the right jacket. Whether in blue or black, with glitter or in a very special look - at you will find the right tournament jacket in a large selection.

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More than just a shirt

More than just a shirt

The tournament shirt or blouse is an important part of the outfit. It differs from a normal shirt in that it often has a white stand-up collar. The material is functional and very breathable. The look of a tournament shirt is elegant, for example with a concealed button placket, glitter appliqués on the collar or lace inserts. This means you are perfectly dressed even when you are on a march.

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Full or knee grip

Tournament Breeches

White or very light-colored riding pants are a must in tournament sport. Along with the tournament jacket, they are part of the basic equipment of the tournament rider. But white riding pants don't have to look boring. The trim is often in a different color, such as cream, gray or black. Glitter trim or colored seams are also becoming more common.

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Classic white or strikingly colorful

Competition saddle pads

Dressage riders cannot do without the white competition saddle pad. Even though colored saddle pads are allowed in dressage, most riders tend to stick with the classic version. White is not necessarily boring either, as white saddle pads are often decorated with rhinestones or other beautiful details. The white saddle pad is available for both dressage and show jumping. However, colored saddle pads are now more established there.

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