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bridles in WB, Cob or fringe, in brown, with a white background or with lacquer - with lepona.de you will find a huge selection of bridles.

Bitless bridle Sunna in black
/ qhp bitless bridle sunna in black.html
Bridle Everyday in brown
/kavalkade bridle everyday in brown.html
Lynton snaffle bridle anatomically constricted K-Line in black/silver
/br snaffle bridle lynton anatomical k line constriction in black silver.html

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X-Line Supersoft bridle in black
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Bridle Florina round sewn in brown
/kavalkade bridle florina round sewn in brown.html
Bridle Competition Flash in havana
/lemieux bridle competition flash in havana.html
Orlando bridle in black/beige
/ qhp bridle orlando in black beige.html
Bridle Cyrelle in black
/ qhp bridle cyrelle in black.html
Ivy bridle in black
/kavalkade bridle ivy in black.html
Imperial Riding
Bridle Fria Black
/imperial riding bridle fria black.html
Snaffle Comfort Plus in black / white
/busse snaffle comfort plus in black and white.html
Schockemöhle Sports
Bridle Hamburg in brown / silver
/ schockemoehle sports bridle hamburg in brown silver.html
Snaffle bridle Star Hannover in black
/ waldhausen bridle star hannover in black.html
Comfort Plus snaffle in brown / rhinestone Dorado
/busse snaffle comfort plus in brown rhinestone dorado.html
Bridle Ivella in black lacquer
/kavalkade bridle ivella in black lacquer.html
Bridle Lovely Rose in black
/ usg bridle lovely rose in black.html
Dressage bridle Charlotte in brown-brown
/kavalkade dressage bridle charlotte in brown brown.html
Brest bridle in black
/premiere bridle brest in black.html
Luxury bridle in black / strass-gray
/busse bridle luxury in black rhinestone gray.html
Schockemöhle Sports
Bridle Auckland in black/silver
/ schockemoehle sports bridle auckland in blacksilver.html
Bridle Ipswich patent leather anatomical in black/silver
/br bridle ipswich patent leather anatomical in black-silver.html
Schockemöhle Sports
Anatomical bridle Concord in espresso / silver
/ schockemoehle sports anatomical bridle concord in espresso silver.html
Orlando bridle in black
/ qhp bridle orlando in black.html
Cheltenham bridle in Oak/Silver
/br bridle cheltenham in oak silver.html
Schockemöhle Sports
Bridle Auckland in dark brown / silver
/ schockemoehle sports bridle auckland in dark brownsilver.html
Bridle Luton anatomical in oak/silver
/br bridle luton anatomical in oak silver.html
Bridle Devi in ​​brown
/ qhp bridle devi in ​​brown.html
Bridle Proline Astrid in black
/kavalkade bridle proline astrid in black.html
Bridle with luxury seams in dark brown
/ qhp bridle with luxury seams in dark brown.html
Ivy sheepskin bridle in black
/kavalkade bridle ivy lambskin in black.html
Levana bridle in brown
/kavalkade bridle levana in brown.html
Black Ravenna bridle
/kavalkade ravenna bridle in black.html
Bridle Oxford Hunter in brown/silver
/br bridle oxford hunter in brown silver.html
Carlos bridle in black
/kavalkade Carlos bridle in black.html
Bridle Proline-William in brown
/kavalkade bridle proline william in brown.html
Interesting too

Snaffle bridles in brown, lacquered or white

The bridle, or more precisely the bridle, is one of the central means with which you influence your horse. The bridle actually refers to the mouthpiece. Colloquially, however, the complete head part of the bridle into which the actual snaffle is inserted is called a 'snaffle'. A bridle usually consists of leather straps. The headpiece bears the weight of the bit and lies in the horse's neck. It should be wide enough not to cut in. The browband sits perpendicular to the headpiece in front of the ears and prevents the headpiece from slipping. The cheek pieces form the connection between the headpiece and the bit. They run under the horse's cheekbones. The bit is buckled into the end of the cheek pieces. There is often a throat strap that runs in the area of ​​the gaiters and prevents the horse from pulling off the bridle.

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In the classic riding style, the bridle also includes a noseband, which on the one hand should prevent the horse from escaping the bridle aids by opening its mouth, and on the other hand diverting pressure from the bit to the nasal bone. Halters must never be buckled too tightly, otherwise your horse's chewing activity and breathing will be impeded. Which type of bridle and which type of noseband is best for you depends on the riding style and the head shape and nature of your horse.

Bridle models: Hanoverian, English, Mexican or Micklem


Hanoverian bridle

With the Hanoverian noseband, the noseband is relatively low, in Hanoverian style it is buckled under the bit. This noseband was developed for horses who want to avoid the rein aids by moving the lower jaw sideways. The noseband is close to the moving part of the nostrils. With this bridle, the noseband must be high enough to rest on the stable part of the nasal bone, but low enough so that the bit does not press into the corner of the mouth.

English combined

English bridle

The English combined noseband combines the English noseband used in curb bridles with the Hanoverian one. It has a noseband and locking strap. Combined in English, the lanyard lies under the bit as in the Hanoverian bridle, the noseband lies under the cheekbone as in the English two fingers. Since the strap is a little less deep than on the Hanover halter, breathing is not so easily hindered. The English combined noseband is very common.

Swedish combined

Swedish bridle

The Swedish combined halter is very similar to the English combined halter. It is better padded, it has a pulley and additional padding on the closure. The result is that the pressure of the buckle is not exerted selectively, but via the noseband. On the other hand, Swedish combined tempts you to buckle up too tightly due to the pulley.


Mexican bridle

The Mexican noseband looks similar to one of the combined ones. However, there is no separate noseband and locking strap, but both functions are performed by a long strap that is crossed on the nasal bone. Most of the time this point is padded. If you use Mexican haltering, you give your horse a lot of freedom of breath, which is why this bridle is often seen in show jumping. However, there is a risk of chafing or pressure points on the nasal bone.

Anatomical bridle

Anatomical bridle

There are many different types of anatomical bridles. What they have in common is that they try to spare and protect sensitive areas on the horse's head by using special padding or straps. This can be of great help, but it means that the halter has to be adapted to the horse particularly carefully.

In our wide range you will find exactly the bridle you need for your darling: whether smooth or round sewn, brown or black, anatomical or Hanoverian: choose your dream bridle here!