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Sprenger Brand side

HS Sprenger

The traditional company HS Sprenger from Westphalia produces high quality bits, spurs and stirrups. It is one of the most famous equestrian brands with a very large selection of bits made of stainless steel or Sensogan.

Perlon spur straps in black
/sprenger spur strap perlon in black.html
Olive bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive bridle double broken 16 mm.html
Snaffle ring, stainless steel, double-jointed, 16 mm
/sprenger Snaffle ring, stainless steel, double-jointed 16 mm.html

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Loose ring copper Plus, double jointed, 16 mm
/sprenger snaffle bit copper plus double jointed 16 mm.html

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Thigh bridle Turnado, simply broken, 16mm
/sprenger bridle turnado simply broken 16mm.html
Padded bridle KK ultra 12mm Sensogan
/sprenger padded bridle kk ultra 12mm sensogan.html
Stirrup pads in black
/sprenger stirrup inlays in black.html
Snaffle bit Pronamic 14mm Sensogan simply broken
/sprenger water snaffle pronamic 14mm sensogan simply broken.html
Olive bridle, simply broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive bridle simply broken 16 mm.html
Pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm, 7 cm beam
/sprenger pelham made of stainless steel 12 mm 7 cm underlay.html
Olive head bit CU-Plus, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head bite cu plus double jointed 16 mm.html
Copper roller bit D-ring 13 mm
/sprenger copper roller bit d ring 13 mm.html
Thigh bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Thigh bridle double broken 16 mm.html
D-ring bit, single joint, 16 mm, stainless steel
/sprenger d ring bit simply broken 16 mm stainless steel.html
Loose ring KK Ultra Sensogan, double jointed, 16 mm with Aurigan rings
/sprenger snaffle ring kk ultra sensogan double jointed 16 mm with aurigan rings.html
Pelham straps leather / nylon in brown
/sprenger pelhamriemchen leather nylon in brown.html
Spurs Ultra Fit Extra Grip Black Series with ball, HS stainless steel
/sprenger spurs ultra fit extra grip black series with ball hs stainless steel.html
Spurs Ultra Extra Grip with ball, HS stainless steel
/sprenger spurs ultra extra grip with ball hs stainless steel html
Spurs Ultra Fit Extra Grip Round, HS stainless steel
/sprenger spurs ultra fit extra grip round hs stainless steel rust-free.html
Spurs Ultra Fit Extra Grip rounded mandrel with large wheel in black
/sprenger spurs ultra fit extra grip rounded spike with large wheel in black.html
Ultra Fit Spurs with Comfort Roller, HS stainless steel
/sprenger spurs ultra fit with comfort roller hs stainless steel rostfrei.html
Bit WH Ultra 14 mm - Sensogan
/sprenger bit wh ultra 14 mm sensogan.html
Snaffle bit copper Plus, single broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Snaffle ring copper plus single broken 16 mm.html
Novocontact Sensogan olive bridle, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger Novocontact sensogan olive bridle double broken 16 mm.html
Padded snaffle bit Dynamic RS Sensogan, double broken, 14 mm
/sprenger Underlay bridle dynamic rs sensogan double broken 14 mm.html
Underlay bridle Sensogan, simply broken, 14 mm
/sprenger Plain bridle sensogan simply broken 14 mm.html
Rod bit rubber, 20mm
/sprenger bar bit rubber 20mm.html
3-ring snaffle KK Ultra Universal Sensogan, double-jointed, 18 mm
/sprenger 3 ring bridle kk ultra universal sensogan double-jointed 18 mm.html
Sensogan bridle, simply broken, 14 mm
/sprenger bridle sensogan simply broken 14 mm.html
Olive head snaffle hard carbon, simply broken, 16 mm, stainless steel
/sprenger olive head snaffle hard carbon simply broken 16 mm stainless steel.html
Spurs Ultra Fit Grip, rounded spike in brown
/sprenger spurs ultra fit grip rounded spike in brown.html
Olive head bit Dynamic RS Sensogan with D-shaped ring, double broken, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head bit dynamic rs sensogan with d-shaped ring double broken 16 mm.html
Olive head rod bit hard carbon, 16 mm
/sprenger olive head rod bit hard carbon 16 mm.html
Dynamic RS Sensogan snaffle bit, double broken, 14 mm
/sprenger water bridle dynamic rs sensogan double broken 14 mm.html
Pelham, double broken, 16 mm, 4,5 cm beam
/sprenger pelham double jointed 16 mm 45 cm Unterzug.html
Bridle made of stainless steel, single broken, 14 mm
/sprenger underlay, stainless steel, single broken 14 mm.html
Sprenger Bit in the horse's mouth

Bits of Sprenger

The product range offers all common bit shapes. The KK Ultra, WH Ultra and Dynamic RS product lines are particularly popular. Sprenger Bits are particularly characterized by their anatomical shape and excellent compatibility. The of Sprenger The materials Aurigan and Sensogan that were developed stimulate the flow of saliva and thus promote the chewing activity and satisfaction of your horse. The further development Sensogan has a lower copper content, which means that the material tarnishes less and the amount of copper released in the horse's saliva is reduced. The Sensogan bits are identified by a black ring on the side parts.

HS Sprenger: Quality for maximum safety and functionality

Are you looking for a bit or a stirrup and only want the best for your horse? Then take a look at what the traditional company has to offer Sprenger around. The company has been offering a huge selection of high-quality bits, spurs and stirrups for decades. The manufacturer attaches great importance to flawless workmanship, but does not neglect functionality. The strict quality controls, all Sprenger products have to go through, characterize the reputation to this day and ensure a safe feeling among riders.

Sprenger Spurs on riding boots on horseback

Spores of Sprenger

The popular Ultra Fit spurs from Sprenger are the non plus ultra when it comes to spurs. A special strap guide was developed in cooperation with Klaus Balkenhol, which ensures a perfect hold and protection of the boot leather. The spurs of the Ultra Fit Extra Grip line are equipped with a soft rubber coating that further enhances these properties. Sprenger Spurs are made of stainless steel. The manufacturer also grants a lifetime guarantee against breakage. A promise that speaks for itself!

HS Sprenger - Many innovations, one brand

The company Sprenger has been associated with major innovations time and time again for years. For example, the company developed the Aurigan alloy for use in bits. It is still patented today and is one of the trademarks. The KK Ultra model was the first bit that was painstakingly adapted to the horse's mouth and was recognized worldwide as a result. Surely many of you have held a bit in your hand and searched for the arrow. What is meant is the inconspicuous arrow at the strongest point of the bit, which always belongs on the left side of the horse's mouth when buckled into the snaffle. To a certain extent, the arrow is the trademark of the snaffle and curb bits from Spenger. In addition to bits, the Iserlohn-based company also manufactures spurs and stirrups for equestrian sports. The product range also includes boat fittings and products for dog sports. The family business was founded in 1872 as a factory for horse and driving harness fittings in the Sauerland region. Around 160 employees are now working to ensure that Sprenger Products meet the highest quality standards worldwide. All products marked with the HS logo are manufactured at the production site in Iserlohn - quality made in Germany!

Sprenger Stirrups on the horse

Stirrups from Sprenger

Stirrups are increasingly becoming a fashionable accessory. They not only have to meet visual requirements, but above all safety requirements. more than 20 years ago Sprenger developed the first articulated stirrup that releases the foot immediately in the event of a fall, thereby avoiding getting caught in the stirrup. The patented system is one of the hallmarks of Sprenger, which both leisure and competition riders have trusted for many years.