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Safety vests & back protectors for riding

Especially in show jumping or in the field, when working with young or insecure horses, you should wear a safety vest to protect yourself in the event of a fall.

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Safety vests and back protectors protect riders

Back protectors and safety vests have long been mandatory in eventing. There is an increased risk of falling due to difficult obstacles and weather conditions. But even in "simple" equestrian sports, there is a trend towards safety vests. Riding beginners and children in particular should wear a back protector to protect their back, spine and internal organs in the event of a fall or kick.

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How to find the right size of the back protector

When it comes to a safety riding vest, it all comes down to the right fit and size. The vest should be neither too small nor too large and should fit snugly but not restrict movement. It is best to measure the size when you are sitting on a saddle. The back protector should protect as much of the spine as possible, but not touch the saddle, because in this case the vest slips and it is very uncomfortable to wear. Leave a gap of about 5 cm between the cantle and the lower edge of the vest so that your vest does not bang open. You can use your clothing size as a guide to the width. If you are unsure, we will help you Lepona Shop in Lippstadt gladly further.

Which back protector protection class is the right one?

There are three different protection classes for riding protection vests:

  • Level 1: Least protection, usually special vests for example for professional jockeys.
  • Level 2: Medium protection for moderate risk equestrian sports. Most back protectors have this protection class and offer a good compromise between comfort and protection. Level 2 riding vests usually only protect the spine and tailbone.
  • Level 3: highest protection, for show jumpers, eventers and cross-country riders. These protectors protect the entire upper body from impact damage and blows, for example from hoof kicks.

Are you an experienced rider but have a somewhat skittish horse, do you ride a lot on the training ground or in the riding arena? Then the level 2 protective vest is suitable. You should already be able to roll properly in a fall to minimize fall damage.
Are you a beginner, are you looking for a riding vest for a child, or do you jump onto squares or over terrain obstacles with your horse? Then better use a level 3 protective vest for riding. This also protects your front in the event of a fall. This protection class is also suitable for direct work with a horse eventto protect against hoof kicks. Level 3 protectors are also recommended for carriage drivers.

Komperdell Ballistic safety vests especially for women

Komperdell is a well-known brand for high-quality safety vests. The safety vest Ballistic Vest Women is specially adapted to the body shape of women. The back protector has a narrower cut at the waist, leaving more space in the chest area than normal safety vests. Due to the compact & slim construction, the vest allows unrestricted freedom of movement. Despite the protective zone in the front, ribs and back area, the ballistic vest is not bulky and is therefore ideal for wearing under the tournament jacket.

The brand Airowear offers safety vests with protection class 3

The Air safety vestMesh from Airowear offers a particularly high level of protection. Especially when jumping off-road, it can quickly lead to a fall and related injuries. The advantages of a level 3 protective vest are all-round protection. The entire upper body, including shoulders, chest and back area are effectively protected in the event of a fall. Featuring Ultraflex technology foam that conforms to the body better than ever, the Airowear Airmesh Riding vest maximum comfort and protection. It also offers Airowear the protective vest extra in different sizes for children, teenagers and women.

The Swing Back protector P06 flexible grows with you

A good alternative for dressage riders and beginners in show jumping is the back protector from Swing. It protects the spine and tailbone (according to motorcycle standard EN 1621-2, Level 1) with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The special thing about this protective vest for riders is the adjustability. The product can be adjusted to the upper body on both sides with a Velcro fastener. So the vest grows with you to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the length should fit, because it cannot be changed.