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Transparency and sustainability in equestrian sports - climate protection

The equestrian sport sector is changing and the topic of sustainability, climate and environmental protection is also becoming increasingly relevant in equestrian sport. We want you to be as open as possible about the approach and activities in the background of Lepona introduce.

No plastic packaging

It is particularly important to us that we send climate-neutral and almost plastic-free. Therefore, your packages will mainly be shipped in paper boxessandt and we try to avoid using additional plastic. If articles from manufacturers are already packed in plastic packaging, such as care products or white competition breeches, we continue to use them. At best, this avoids buying additional plastic packaging material.

Reuse packages

We also recycle cardboard boxes. So don't be surprised if you receive a box from us and it's marked as "recycled". If you would like to return your order, please use the box in which the goods came to you, then no additional cardboard will be used. You're welcome to Lepona Also use boxes for other shipments. Together we can protect the environment.

If you really no longer need the paper box, we ask you to dispose of it in the paper bin and ideally remove the adhesive tape first. Cardboard boxes can be fully recycled, eliminating additional waste, eliminating the need to cut down more trees and saving energy and water in manufacturing.

Working with sustainable brands

We are happy to offer you a wide range of equestrian products from different equestrian brands. So we welcome it when manufacturers register their corporate social responsibility and responsibility towards the environment are.

Kingsland does not have its products manufactured in "low-wage countries" such as Vietnam or Bangladesh, since proper control is hardly possible in these countries. The company also strives to only use recyclable packaging. If plastic packaging is used, it is made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) and is marked with a recycling symbol.

But uvex is also aware of its responsibility and places particular focus on the expansion and modernization of the production facilities. In this way, the company has been able to come closer to its own sustainability goal of CO2-neutral growth in recent years has reduced CO2 emissions by up to 63%.

We from Lepona We are pleased that the manufacturers are aware of sustainability and climate protection and want to pay more attention to this when we strive for new collaborations.

Green electricity & green gas

We have also decided on an electricity and gas provider that supplies our warehouse and office in Dortmund with green electricity and green gas. We want with that ecological energy supply makes a small contribution to the sustainable use of resources and contribute to climate protection.