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Fly spray & protection for your horse

Horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks and black flies are annoying pests that annoy your horse in the paddock, when riding or on the riding arena. With highly effective insect repellent you can counteract the constant shaking of the horse's head or the beating of the tail.

Bense & Eicke
Braking shock
ab €6,40
/ bense und eicke bremsenschock.html
Bense & Eicke
Horseflies shock lavender blood orange
ab €6,40
/ bense und eicke brake shock lavender blood orange.html
Fly spray Flyless 0.5 liters
/ cavalor fly spray flyless 05 liters.html

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Fly repellent Power Phaser Durativ bucket with sponge 500 ml
/ leovet fly protection power phaser durativ bucket with sponge 500 ml.html

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Brake blocker + 750 ml
/effol brake blocker 750 ml.html
Brake Blocker+ Special Ed. 2,5l
/effol brake blocker special ed 25l.html
Anti-fly spray 500 ml
/effol anti fly spray 500 ml.html
Fly repellent Deet Phaser 550 ml
/ leovet fly protection deet phaser 550 ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Brake shock gel 200 ml
/ bense und eicke brake shock gel 200 ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Horse deo 500 ml
/ bense and eicke pferdedeo 500 ml.html
Bense & Eicke
Horse deodorant, size: 100 ml
/bense and eicke horse deodorant size 100 ml.html
Insect repellent Tam Tam Vet Intensive 500 ml
/ leovet insect repellent tam tam vet intensive 500 ml.html
Anti-fly gel 500 ml
/effol anti fly gel 500 ml.html
Insect attack
/effol insect attack.html
Power phaser roll on fly protection
/leovet fly protection power phaser roll on.html

Top fly sprays from Bense & Eicke, Leovet, Zedan and Co.

As soon as the first warm days of spring arrive, the stinging and biting beasts are back. In addition to putting on a fly blanket and fly mask, other insect repellents can also drive away the annoying pests. Lepona.de offers horse owners a large selection of insect repellents from well-known brands that provide efficient protection, have a long-lasting effect and are highly skin-friendly due to the absence of chemicals. The German company Bense & Eicke has been producing insect sprays for over 125 years, which are developed in the in-house laboratory. The brand uses the particularly skin-friendly active ingredient Icaridin (Saltidin®) and also dispenses with dyes, preservatives, essential oils and fragrances. But Leovet and Zedan are in no way inferior either. Zedan is a sustainable company which, in addition to a very high product quality, also focuses on sustainability. Effol offers a variety of insect repellent products for your horse, all of which have been dermatologically tested and are therefore extremely kind to the skin and skin.

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Your horse cannot be sprayed with insect repellent spray?

Many horses are unable to concentrate during training when mosquitoes, flies or horseflies fly around. Because the itching of the insect bites on the horse's body is very unpleasant. With a fly repellent, the pests can be kept away before the sting or biting. However, some horses feel great stress when spraying or even looking at a spray bottle. Fortunately, there are now repellants that do not require spray and are applied to the horse's body with a sponge. Even sensitive horses can be protected from horseflies, flies, mosquitoes and ticks with the BremsenSchock Gel from Bense & Eicke and the insect repellent Tam Tam Vet Intensiv from Leovet.