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Detergents for horse blankets & Co.

It doesn't matter whether it's an outdoor rug, sweat rug or winter rug - horse things should be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis so that dirt, sweat, horse hair and unpleasant odors are washed out. Lepona.de offers you a selection of impregnation sprays and special detergents from top brands.

Lambskin detergent Melp
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Sport Tex Wash 250 ml
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Sport Micro Wash 250 ml
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Kentucky Horsewear
Boot Cleaner Boot Cleaner 200ml
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Liquid impregnator Impra-Wash 250 ml
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Can I wash horse blankets in my washing machine?

Outdoor rugs in particular are quickly soiled on the outside when your horse rolls around extensively in the meadow or paddock. Sweat rugs and saddle pads, on the other hand, absorb the sweat of your horse on the inside and should therefore be washed regularly. You can do this in your washing machine at home, if it has enough capacity for the horse stuff. To protect the washing drum, you can pack the horse things in a laundry bag or old duvet cover. This prevents the buckles in your washing machine from hitting the drum directly. Before the wash cycle, it is advisable to brush off the horse's hair roughly, as this minimizes the use of the washing machine. We also recommend that you close the Velcro fasteners to protect your horse equipment from being accidentally attached. Many blankets can be washed gently at 30 ° degrees. You should refrain from using fabric softener, as it adheres to the fibers and can impair breathability. Has for even, hygienic and environmentally friendly cleaning of horse blankets Horseware the detergent Eco Rug Wash. So that rain rugs remain waterproof for a long time and your horse stays dry despite being wet from above, they must be impregnated after washing. HEY SPORT offers various products for impregnation, such as the liquid impregnator Impra-Wash.

Special detergent for lambskins

Washable lambskin products or products containing lambskin should not be washed with commercial detergents in order to preserve the softness of the sensitive fibers and the colour. The lambskin detergent Melp from Mattes is not only effective against dirt, but is also gentle on the environment and biodegradable. Christ Lambskins can be treated with the high-yield concentrate WERNER CHRIST Wash C7 both by hand and in the washing machine at up to 30 degrees. It is environmentally friendly, alkali and phosphate-free and biodegradable. Of course you can also buy other lambskin products from Kavalkade, Busse or Eskadron with the detergents from Christ and wash mats.