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Supplementary feed for horses

With supplementary feed you can support the health of your horse. A classic remedy is linseed oil, which not only ensures a healthy, shiny coat, but also promotes digestion. There is a suitable supplementary feed for many areas, such as muscle building, balancing the electrolyte balance or health of the airways and bronchi.

Complementary feed Hoof aid basic 800 g
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Electrolyte balance 800g
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Muscle powder Muscle force 2 kg
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Arti matrix 2 kg
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Venus 2000ml
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Electroliq 1000ml
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Kick up 1000ml
/cavalor kick up 1000 ml.html
Bronchix Pulmo 1L
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Horse Wellness
Muscle Fit for muscle building, strength and relaxation
/horse wellness muscle fit for muscle building strength and relaxation.html
Bronchial elixir 1000 ml
/ leovet bronchial elixir 1000 ml.html
Biotin ZM liquid 1000 ml
/ leovet biotin zm liquid 1000 ml.html
Calm 800g
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Whole Gain+ 20kg
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Arti motion 2 kg
/cavalor arti motion 2 kg.html
Take it easy 6x60g
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Arti matrix 5 kg
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Bottle Peak performance 500ml
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Muscle motion powder 1 kg
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Gastro Aid Stomach Paste
/cavalor gastro aid stomach paste.html
Horse Wellness
Power balls for muscle building, strength and relaxation
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Horse Wellness
Broncho Elixir - The cough syrup for horses
/horse wellness broncho elixir the cough syrup for horses.html
Linseed oil, 1 liter
instead of 10,74
/waldhausen linseed oil 1 ltr.html
med BronchoCare Syrup 1.000 ml
/effol med bronchocare syrup 1000 ml.html
Powder Resist + vit c 900g
/cavalor powder resist vit c 900g.html
Powder Resist + vit c 2 kg
/cavalor powder resist vit c 2 kg.html
Arti motion 5 kg
/cavalor arti motion 5 kg.html
Muscle powder Lactatec 2 kg
/ cavalor muscle powder lactatec 2 kg.html
Muscle powder Lactatec 5 kg
/ cavalor muscle powder lactatec 5 kg.html
Artitec 2 liters
/cavalor artitec 2 liter.html
Detox treatment Hepato liq 250 ml
/cavalor detox cure hepato liq 250 ml.html
Linseed oil, 2,5 liters Bottle
instead of 21,54
/waldhausen linseed oil 25 ltr bottle.html
med BronchoCare Ointment 150 ml
/effol med bronchocare ointment 150 ml.html
Horse Wellness
Gut fit if you are sensitive to colic
/horse wellness gut fit for colic sensitivity.html
Powder Resist + vit c 5 kg
/cavalor powder resist vit c 5 kg.html
Muscle and joint powder FreeBute powder box 20 x 10g
/cavalor muscle and joint powder freebute powder box 20 x 10g.html

Supplementary feed to support your horse's health

In addition to normal horse feed such as hay or grass and concentrated feed such as pellets or oats, you can support your horse with supplementary feed. This additional feed usually contains a selection of minerals and trace elements to prevent diseases or to support the muscles. Mineral feed is known, for example, in the form of a salt lick. These are not only available as salt licks, but also with additional minerals, which are hanging in many boxes as a supplement to normal feeding.

Liquid feed with electrolytes can be used to compensate for mineral loss, for example due to increased training during tournaments. These supplementary feeds contain important minerals such as potassium, chloride, magnesium and sodium. These ensure a balanced electrolyte balance. The fructose contained in the syrup ensures quick absorption. The sweet taste is also very popular with many horses as a treat.

Supplementary feed to support the tendons, ligaments and hooves

Of course, there is also food to support the tendons, ligaments and hooves. Horses in particular that enjoy grazing all year round often need a little additional feed. If the horse's legs are constantly overloaded, it is necessary to intervene not only with proper cooling but also with feeding. A good remedy is the Chrysanphyton from Equistro. If the hooves are affected by damp or too dry soil on the pasture, Kerabol helps. This supplementary feed ensures regular and stable hoof horn formation.

Many diseases develop in the intestines - you can also help here with supplementary feed

Through the targeted feeding of high-quality supplementary feed, many diseases can be prevented in advance. Intestinal disturbances are often the reason for the discomfort. Darm Fit is a herbal nutritional supplement for horses that are sensitive to colic. It strengthens the immune system and can therefore also be used for recurring skin irritations such as mud fever, fungal diseases or itching.

Linseed oil supports your horse's coat change, digestion and vitality

Many riders like to feed them linseed oil because it is a natural source of energy with no protein load. It promotes vitality and motivation and is rich in essential, unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it promotes digestion and ensures a shiny coat. Linseed oil helps hard-feeding horses to build up mass. For example, if you pour it over a few carrots, it will help absorb the vitamins better.

Supplementary feed to relieve the airways

If your horse tends to have a slight cold and strained airways, you can support it with various means. First of all, an infection should be clarified by the veterinarian. But if you already know the symptoms, or if it is a preventive measure in the transition to autumn / winter, you can, for example Effol Grab Med BronchoCare. Both the ointment and the syrup are made from high-quality herbal compositions that promote free breathing and soothe irritated airways. However, check the ingredients carefully in case your horse is allergic to something. The Leovet Bronchial Elixir also helps to compensate for airway disorders more quickly. The bronchial elixir contains echinacea, anise, fennel, buckhorn, chestnut, primrose and thyme, which are gently processed as fluid extracts.