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Grooming supplies for horses

Grooming supplies for horses

Cleaning supplies are part of the basic equipment for horses. Not only do you remove dirt, sweat and loose horse hair, you also strengthen the bond and trust between you and your horse. The grooming kit includes a brush, horse curry comb, hoof pick, horse sponge, root brush and mane brush and a few other helpers.

Plastic sweat knives in different colors
ab €3,15
/busse plastic welding knives in different colors.html
Colorful sponge in various
instead of 4,95
/busse swam colorful in diverse.html
Curry rubber in various / light colors
ab €3,19
/busse curry rubber in diverseehell.html

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Cleaning glove rubber in various
ab €3,11
/busse cleaning glove rubber in various.html

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Curry rubber in various / dark
instead of 4,50
/busse curry rubber in variousdark.html
Stable cloth set of 3 Polish made of micro-plain functional fiber
/ equine microtec stable cloth set of 3 polish made of micro plain functional fiber.html
Sweat knife with stainless steel teeth
instead of 7,50
/busse welding knife prongs made of stainless steel.html
Black metal curry comb
instead of 9,75
/busse comb metal in black.html
Striegel Massage super in blue
instead of 6,50
/busse comb massage super in blue.html
Grooming needle Flexi-Pro in blue
instead of 5,95
/busse harrow needle flexi pro in blue.html
Mane comb aluminum for warping with wooden handle
instead of 2,95
/busse mane comb alu to warp with wooden handle.html
Grooming Deluxe
Brush set limited edition 6 pieces
/grooming deluxe brush set limited edition 6 pieces.html
Grooming Deluxe
Brush Middle Brush long in brown
/grooming deluxe brush middle brush long in brown.html
Grooming Deluxe
Hoof brush
/grooming deluxe hoofbrush.html
Bense & Eicke
Hoof Scratch Scratch Karl
/ bense und eicke hoof scraper kratzekarl.html
MagicBrush Set Classic
instead of 14,99
/ kerbl magicbrush set classic.html
Brush Soft Grip soft medium-sized
/premiere kardaetsche soft grip soft medium size.html
Leather balm Premium 500 ml
/ equixtreme leather balm premium 500 ml.html
Imperial Riding
Brush block in black
/imperial riding brush block in black.html
Imperial Riding
Grippy mane brush in bordeaux
/imperial riding mane brush grippy in bordeaux.html
Imperial Riding
Rubber harrow soft in navy
/imperial riding rubber curry comb soft in navy.html
Imperial Riding
Rubber harrow soft in tango red
/imperial riding rubber harrow soft in tango red.html
Imperial Riding
Rubber curry comb soft in rose
/imperial riding rubber curry comb soft in rose.html
Imperial Riding
Hoof brush with case in jade
/imperial riding hoof brush with case in jade.html
Imperial Riding
Hoof pick with brush in walnut
/imperial riding hoof pick with brush in walnut.html
Imperial Riding
Hoof pick with brush in neon green
/imperial riding hoof pick with brush in neon green.html
Imperial Riding
Massage cleaning glove Star Care in Diva pink
/imperial riding massage cleaning glove star care in diva pink.html
Imperial Riding
Brush Dandy with long bristles in rose
/imperial riding brush dandy with long bristles in rose.html
Imperial Riding
Brush dandy with wooden back hard in bordeaux
/imperial riding brush dandy with wooden back hard in bordeaux.html
Imperial Riding
Perfection brush and bands IRH Jade
/imperial riding perfection brush and bands irh jade.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming Smile Grundys Finest Mini
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche smile grundys finest mini.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming Cavaliere
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche cavaliere.html
Hoof brush Safety
/effol hoofbrush safety.html
Spring harrow, stainless steel, black