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Sweat knives & horse sponges

Sweat knives & horse sponges

Sweat knives are indispensable in horse care. They are used to wipe away sweat after a strenuous workout or water after washing so the coat dries faster. A horse sponge is essential for cleaning sensitive body parts.

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Plastic sweat knives in different colors
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Cleaning glove rubber in various
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Imperial Riding
Massage cleaning glove Star Care in Diva pink
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Sweat knife with stainless steel teeth
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Smooth Orca Flitsche
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Welding knife, metal
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Sponge Expanding in green
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Microfibre cleaning glove in white
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Imperial Riding
Sweat knife semicircular in Forest green
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What is a welding knife?

A sweat knife used to be a knife that was used to pull excess moisture from the horse's fur. Today it's either a long, flexible piece of metal with handles on the ends, or a rubber crescent with a plastic handle. The advantage of a flexible welding knife made of metal is the possibility of peeling off very large areas as well as small areas. With the conventional plastic welding knife, you can remove moisture from small areas. Today, the sweat knife is used almost exclusively after the horse has been washed to remove as much water as possible from the coat. This way the fur dries faster. Only rarely is a horse ridden so wet in recreational sport that it has to be stripped.

The horse sponge - a must for sensitive parts of the body

Whether it's an all-purpose sponge or a soft grooming glove for horses, you should definitely have one of both in your grooming bag. Because the eyes, nostrils and genitals should also be cleaned regularly so that skin inflammation does not occur. Since this is difficult to do with a brush, you can use a soft sponge. But be careful not to use the sponge for different parts of the body, so that no bacteria get into your eyes, for example. You can use a cleaning and massage glove to wash your horse because it distributes the foam more easily. There are massage gloves for horses that have soft rubber nubs on one side and massage balls on the other. Many horses really enjoy it when tense muscles are gently released with a massage glove.