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Treats & salt licks for horses

Energy bars, salt and mineral licks and the classic treat can be found in every riding stable. Here you will find a large selection of horse treats.

Likitholder w/line for 650g stone in aqua
/likit likitholder mleine for 650g stone in aqua.html
Likit Rainbow Carousel VE6Blech w/500Gr Snacke+1 in
/likit likit rainbow carousel ve6blech m500gr snacke 1 in.html
med BronchoCare dragees 2 pieces 44g
/effol med bronchocare dragees 2 pieces 44g.html

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Salt lick 650gr. Apple
/likit lick stone 650gr apple.html
Likitholder w/line for 650g.Stone in glitter pink
/likit likitholder mleine for 650g stone in glitter pink.html
Delicacies Derby Carrot, size: 1kg
instead of 4,45
/ Waldhausen tasty derby more size 1kg.html
Crunchies 1,5kg
/cavalor crunchies 15kg.html
Treats Sweeties 0.75 kg
/cavalor delicious sweeties 075 kg.html
Lick stone ICE 2Kg Himalayan Rock salt VE10 in
/likit lick stone ice 2kg himalayan rock salt ve10 in.html
Likit Winter Select Box
/likit likit winter select box.html
Delicacies Derby Banana, size: 80g
instead of 1,50
/ Waldhausen tasty derby banana size 80g.html
Delicacies Derby Apple, size: 80g
instead of 1,50
/ Waldhausen tasty derby apple size 80g.html
Delicious horse energy bar, size: 1 kg
/kanne delicious horse energy bar size 1 kg.html
leoveties carrot, mango & rose hip
/leovet leoveties carrot mango and rosehip.html
Salt Lick 650Gr CarrotVE12 in
/likit lick stone 650gr karotteve12 in.html
Lick stone Little 250G carrot VE24 in
/likit lick stone little 250gr carrot ve24 in.html
Likitholder with line for 650g stone in blue
/likit likitholder with line for 650g stone in blue.html
Friend Snacks Banana Sticks 1000g
/effol friend snacks banana sticks 1000gr.html
Delicacies Derby Carrot, size: 80g
instead of 1,50
/ Waldhausen tasty derby more size 80g.html
Friend Snacks Apple Stars 500gr
/effol friend snacks apple stars 500gr.html
Friend Snacks Original Sticks
/effol friend snacks original sticks.html

Treats as a small reward for your horse

Most horses can be encouraged in positive behavior with small treats. This can of course be a piece of carrot, apple or some other treat. The advantage of horse treats, however, is that they do not spoil so quickly and can be taken anywhere. Horse treats are relatively hard, which encourages the horse to chew and reduces the risk of choking. Horse treats come in many natural flavors. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when feeding.

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Lickstones for horses

The classic salt lick consists of crystal salt and supplies horses with important minerals. Especially in summer and when the horse sweats a lot, it makes sense to hang a salt or mineral lick in the box. In this way, the horse can supply itself naturally with the minerals it sweats out. The lick stones from lictit are intended for employment and can be placed in different holders. Since they mainly consist of dextrose molasses with added vitamins, you should only give them to your horse for a short time.

Bake horse treats yourself - a horse treat recipe from Lepona

You can also bake horse treats yourself. For this you need some time and the following ingredients:

  • 250g oatmeal
  • 1 apple
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 beetroot tubers
  • some agave syrup
  • 50 ml of sunflower oil
  • 90 ml beetroot juice
The production is not particularly complex, but requires a little patience. Here are the steps for the recipe:
  • Wash the apple, carrots and beetroot
  • Chop the apple, carrots and beetroot into small pieces and mix
  • Add the beetroot juice and agave syrup and stir well
  • Mix in the oatmeal
  • Add oil and stir in well
  • Bake until golden brown at 200 ° C
  • Allow to dry properly for at least 2 days
Of course, it is also fun to bake treats for horses yourself. The treats from Effol, Leovet or Kanne are a quick and natural alternative. As with all sweets, there are also treats for horses: feed them in moderation and follow the manufacturer's feeding instructions.