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Stübben Steeltec brand site

Stubben Steeltec

Stübben Steeltec manufactures high-quality bits made of stainless steel and sweet copper as well as stirrups and spurs made of stainless steel.

Stübben STEELtec
Snaffle bit Sweet copper, double jointed Thickness: 14 mm
/stuebben steeltec water snaffle sweet copper double broken thickness 14 mm.html
Stübben STEELtec
Stainless steel water bridle, sweet copper center piece, double broken
/ stuebben steeltec snaffle stainless steel sweet copper middle piece double broken.html
Stübben STEELtec
Stirrup insert rubber
/ stuebben steeltec stirrup insert rubber.html

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Stübben STEELtec
Underlay bridle fine line stainless steel, double broken
/ stuebben steeltec bridle fine line stainless steel double broken.html

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Stübben STEELtec
Fillis stirrups
/ stuebben steeltec stirrups fillis.html
Stübben STEELtec
Underlay bridle made of stainless steel
/ stuebben steeltec bridle made of stainless steel.html
Stübben STEELtec
Olive head bit stainless steel, sweet copper center piece, double broken
/ stuebben steeltec olive head bit stainless steel sweet copper middle piece double broken.html
Stübben STEELtec
D-ring bridle stainless steel, sweet copper center piece, double broken
/ stuebben steeltec d ring bridle stainless steel sweet copper middle piece double broken.html
Stübben STEELtec
D-ring snaffle stainless steel, turned mouthpiece, simply broken
/ stuebben steeltec d ring snaffle stainless steel turned mouthpiece simply broken.html
Stübben STEELtec
Curb Fine Line stainless steel for horses with a thick tongue
/ stuebben steeltec curbs fine line stainless steel for horses with thick tongues.html
Stübben STEELtec
Olive-head snaffle Sweet copper, double-jointed
/ stuebben steeltec olive-head snaffle sweet copper double broken.html
Stübben STEELtec
Baucher bridle with curved bar, stainless steel
/stuebben steeltec belly bridle with curved bar stainless steel.html

Stübben Steeltec bits & curbs

In 2014, Stübben met the denture expert Christoph Augsten and founded the new subsidiary Stübben Steeltec. The new bits from Stübben should fit the horse as well as possible and be comfortable. The range includes both single and double-jointed bits and straight bits such as curbs. You also have the choice between bits with loose rings and fixed side parts, depending on what your horse prefers.

Stübben Steeltec bits are made of stainless steel or sweet copper, a solid copper compound. This copper compound tastes slightly sweet and is said to encourage chewing and stimulate salivation. The bits are handcrafted in Europe. Special processing techniques reduce rash.

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Stübben Steeltec Golden Wings bits

The innovative development team at Stübben Steeltec has developed a particularly mouth-friendly bit: the Golden Wings bit. This new bit should lie absolutely still in the horse's mouth, not pinch or chafe the lips and be particularly comfortable. What is special about this bit are the side bit plates, which are a bit reminiscent of wings. The shape of these is reminiscent of an olive head snaffle and have the advantage that the horse's lips cannot rub against the bit ring or become trapped. However, since the bit rings can run freely through the "wings", a very fine aid is possible. The bit consists of a copper alloy, which is nickel-free. This alloy stimulates chewing and salivation. If the horse now chews loosely, this also has a positive effect on the poll and back, because if these areas are loose, the horse can swing relaxed over its back. This bit is also accepted very well and willingly by young horses. The Golden Wings bits are available as a single and double broken snaffle bit, as a three-ring snaffle and as a 4-in-1 version. Unfortunately, the Golden Wings bits are not yet LPO approved.

Stübben Steeltec stirrups

In addition to bits, Stübben Steeltec also offers high-quality stainless steel stirrups.

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