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HAAS Bürsten Manufaktur - brushes, grooming brushes & curry brushes for horses

HAAS Bürsten Manufaktur produces high-quality grooming brushes for horses. The brand has stood for quality and durability for more than 100 years.

HAAS brush manufacture
Diamond Noir gloss brush
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HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming brush for children
/ haas brushes manufaktur cardaetsche for children.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming Smile Grundys Finest Mini
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Grooming Cavaliere
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HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming brush senior
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HAAS brush manufacture
washing brush
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HAAS brush manufacture
Lambskin brush brush Diva Exclusive
/ haas buersten manufaktur lambskin cardaetsche diva exclusive.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming brush Welsh
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche welsh.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming mold
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche schimmel.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Diva lambskin brush
/ haas buersten manufaktur diva lammfellbuerste.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Brush Military
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche military.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming cavalry
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche kavallerie.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Huf Duo Azzuro in blue
/ haas buersten manufaktur huf duo azzuro in blue.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Double brush Putzi soft
/ haas brushes manufaktur doppelbuerste putzi soft.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Horse stick The good one
/ haas buersten manufaktur pferdestriegel der good.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Root brush for children
/ haas brushes manufaktur root brush for children.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Children's harrow New Generation soft Haas
/ haas buersten manufaktur children curry comb new generation soft haas.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming brush pinto
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche pinto.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Diamond root brush
/ haas buersten manufaktur root brush diamond root.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming amazon
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche amazone.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming Smile Groovy
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche smile groovy.html

Haas Bürsten-Manufaktur - quality for more than 100 years

HAAS is in Donaueschingen in the beautiful Black Forest Horse grooming brushes and wellness brushes at home. For more than 100 years this name has stood for absolute quality. In the meantime, many modern production methods have been added to the manufacture of brushes for equestrian sports. In addition, the professional brush maker only works with selected materials. If Mane brush or Grooming, in every article there is a lot of love for detail and the highest level of craftsmanship. The Haas manufactory is characterized by an exemplary quality standard and durability of all products. The well-being of the animals is always the focus.

Versatile range of horse brushes for every requirement

The range is diverse. Horse friends can use a wide variety of brushes. It's not just about the models Root brush or grooming brush. HAAS Manufaktur offers several variants. If you want to put the finishing touches to the horse, then this would be Fur brush ideal. It removes dust and provides plenty of shine. The mane brush is also an indispensable tool. Daily horse care can be carried out wonderfully with it. Even to one washing brush thought the manufacturer. A perfect helper to bring the outer and longer bristles into harmony. The grooming brush also impresses with its optimal care result. At the same time, the use of this aid promotes blood circulation. The products gradually adapt to the hand and guarantee first-class use. Different hand straps and lengths for the brush ring allow versatile use. All products are made without plasticizers. The manufacturer Haas guarantees the highest level of safety for rider and horse.