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Doping-free premium horse care products


EquiXtreme horse care products are made from organic ingredients. Particular attention is paid to quality, sustainability, efficiency and tolerability for the horse.

Leather balm Premium 500 ml
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EquiXtreme products impress with their quality and compatibility

In addition to coat care such as shampoo or skin care balm, the brand also offers care for hooves and leather. In addition to the care range, you can also buy accessories such as saddle cloths, fly masks and the well-known HandsOn Gloves at EquiXtreme. Gym bags, feed buckets and grooming boxes are also part of the EquiXtreme range. The colors of the products are mainly pink and black. The brand ambassadors include Uta Gräf, Simone Blum, Michael Jung and Anabel Balkenhol.

What to do with a knotted mane and a split tail?

equiXtreme® offers two products for detangling the mane and tail. The mane and tail detangler provides instant combability, shine and volume without leaving an oily residue. In addition, the product stimulates natural hair growth. The detangler is available as a spray and as a lotion. The lotion is very economical and also cares for the hands and nails of the user. It also prevents split ends and hair breakage. For unknotted, supple and shiny long hair, rub a dollop in your hands and distribute it evenly throughout the long hair. Leave it on for a moment and then comb through the mane or tail. The result lasts up to three weeks. The Detangler Spray also prevents split ends and hair breakage. You spray it evenly on the mane and tail, let it dry briefly and then carefully comb through the long hair. Results last up to a week.

How do you get grass or manure patches out of white or light colored fur?

You know that: you have a gray horse or a horse with a light coat like a Haflinger or a pinto and it has rolled around in the meadow or in the stable. The result is annoying manure or grass stains that are difficult to remove. The equiXtreme® Vital Shampoo White Dissolves grass and manure stains thanks to the special violet formula. It is mild yet very effective. The application is easy because you can apply it directly to the nose fur with a damp sponge. Then you massage it in and rinse it out thoroughly. For particularly stubborn dirt, you can leave it on for 5 minutes and repeat the process if necessary. To wash the tail, you can also dissolve it in a bucket of water as suds. The vital shampoo White is tailored to the needs of the horse's skin and ideal for emphasizing white markings.

In addition to the shampoo, there is also a stain remover Stain Removing Coat Whitethan a spray. This spray consists of a pH-neutral formula without bleach and is particularly gentle on horses' skin. It is ideal for on the go because it can be easily sprayed on and worked in with a damp sponge. Then you simply brush it out. It doesn't leave any slippery residue, which is why it's also ideal before the test if your horse has recently gotten really wet.

High-quality care products from equiExtreme® for quick help

In addition to the care products mentioned above, the company also offers other equestrian products. The Skin Care Balm helps with mud fever, dry and scaly skin, chafing and superficial cuts and abrasions. It also helps with skin irritation and fungal infestation. The cold-pressed olive oil supports the regeneration of the cells and cares for the skin sustainably. Liverwort extract has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The beeswax it contains forms a natural protective film.

To care for the hooves, we have the equiExtreme® Farriers Hoof Rescue Pföegebalm in our range. This helps with dry soil and weather conditions that make the hoof horn easily dry out and become brittle. This leads to fractures and cracks in the horn wall. The high-quality care formula with coconut oil ensures a long-lasting moisture depot and makes brittle horn elastic again. Laurel oil also supports natural hoof growth.

Leather care from equiExtreme® ensures supple, well-groomed leather

In addition to horse care products, the company also offers leather and boot care products. This is how Bootcare and Bootcleaner give your boots a special shine. The Bootcleander is pH-neutral and even removes mold and germ cultures. It is suitable for all natural leather types and synthetic leather. Bootcare consists of valuable coconut oil essences and keeps the leather supple without softening it. It is suitable for all smooth leather and can also be used as a 2-in-1 product for quick superficial cleaning and care. For the care of the zips on riding boots or clothing there is the zip cleaner Zip Clean. This removes dirt such as dust, sweat and sebum. Silicone oil, glycerine and glycol make snagging zippers work again without making them greasy. It does not attack leather and seams, but can cause allergic reactions. There is a leather cleaner and leather conditioner for cleaning saddles and bridles. Both can be sprayed onto the leather and care for and protect the leather.