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Samshield Miss Shield riding helmet

Samshield Configurator

The company Samshield has developed riding helmets that offer maximum safety. The helmets are also extremely comfortable due to their innovative features. With the Shamshield riding helmet configurator you can Your personal riding helmet put together according to your wishes.

Please note that individually manufactured helmets cannot be exchanged or returned.

For all already configured, available riding helmets

Helmet shell and inlay - which size fits me?

Samshield offers three different helmet shells, which can be adjusted to the respective head size with the help of inlays. The following inlays are suitable for this:

Shell size Inlay size
S 52 53 54 S 55 S 56 S
M 55 M 56 M 57 57 M 58 M
L 57 L 58 59 60 61

Samshield - Riding helmets with quality

All Samshield Helmets have optimal usage properties. The outer shell of the riding helmet consists of polycarbonate, which is also used for high-quality motorcycle helmets, among other things. The inner shell is made of variable-density polystyrene, so that on impact resulting energy better dissipated becomes. Inside, comfort foam made from a material similar to memory foam ensures very good wearing comfort and a perfect fit. Together with the semi-rigid rim, it prevents the helmet from tipping onto the forehead in the event of a violent movement or a fall. The Inlay can also be washed and can be replaced at any time, so that you can always wear a clean and nice-smelling helmet.

Especially on Samshield Riding helmets are the sizes. There are three shell sizes in S, M and L available. Since four to five different inlays fit in each of these shell sizes, you can adapt the helmet perfectly to your head shape. The Riding helmet grows with you to a certain extent, by simply using a different inlay over and over again. Sizes from 52 to 61 are available.

Samshield Riding helmets have an exceptional ventilation system. Fresh air is channeled from the front intakes to the rear vents around the inlay that prevents sweating. This concept of air circulation creates a strong internal airflow without visible and unsightly air intakes are required: the elegance of equestrian sports is maintained without compromising on technical quality and comfort.

Countless possible combinations

Samshield Riding helmet shell

Samshield Riding helmet shell

For the shell you can choose between the variants Shadowmatt, Shadow Glossy or Premium Alcanatra. You also have the choice between Standard, MissShield or ShadowRace helmet shell. All models can be chosen in different colors.

Samshield Riding helmet top

Samshield Riding helmet top

The top area is probably the most conspicuous area on the helmet and is available in many options and colors.

25 surfaces with and without glitter are now available in various colours.

Samshield Riding Helmet - Frontal Band

Samshield Riding Helmet Frontal Band

This option is only available for the Miss Shield riding helmets.

There are over 20 different options in different colors to customize your helmet.

Samshield Riding Helmet Trim - the decorative strip

Samshield Riding Helmet Trim

You have the largest color selection for the decorative strip, because this is currently available in 30 different colors.

These are classified into Chrome, Titanium, Matt, Metallic and Glossy categories.

This large selection of colors gives you the opportunity to optically enhance a relatively simple helmet.

In addition, there is the option of incorporating Swarovski stones into the decorative strip to bring a little more glitter to the riding arena.

Samshield Riding Helmet Blason - The Coat of Arms

Samshield Riding helmet Blason

Samshield Of course, I would also like to place my own logo somewhere on the helmet.

This wish was solved extremely elegantly and can be found on the front of the helmet between the top inlay and the decorative strip.

You can choose from different colors with or without glitter.

Incidentally, under the blazon is the opening of the air channel, which provides the unique air flow in the riding cap.

Extras for yours Samshield riding helmet


Other customization options include your name on the left side of the chin strap in silver or gold.

Then you have the choice to immortalize a sponsor sticker or the flag of your country on your riding helmet.

For all dressage riders there is also the option of a dressage neckline, which creates 2,5 cm more space for the bun in the neck.

You can also add an individual color to the Flower Swarovski Top here.

We help you with the configuration of your desired riding helmet

You have an incredible number of options for configuring your helmet and you are perhaps still not sure which size and which inlay you actually need? Of course we are happy to help by phone or e-mail.

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