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EQUIAIRBAG® offers safety vests that inflate immediately with air if the worst comes to the worst. This riding airbag vest offers a lot of protection with high mobility of the rider.

Precto Air Fit in black
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Back protector Guard in black
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Protector V Zero in black
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C02 cartridge for Equi Airbag
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Replacement set with 3 pieces of CO2 cartridge
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Replacement set with CO2 cartridge and tool
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Protector for Flexi models in black
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EquiAirbag® - safety at the highest level

EquiAirbag® - safety at the highest level

Airbag vests can be seen more and more often on training grounds and at tournaments in equestrian sports. Not only cross-country riders, but also show jumpers and dressage riders use riding airbag vests. Equiairbag® safety vests offer a number of advantages over a normal back protector. On the one hand, the protective vest is very thin in its normal state and offers a lot of freedom of movement. It can be worn like a normal riding vest over a shirt or sweater without restricting you. In some models, EquiAirbag® also combines conventional back protectors with an airbag for double protection.

An EquiAirbarg® protective vest inflates in about 88ms in the event of a fall. In order for this to happen reliably, the safety vest must be connected to the saddle with the release cable. If you force yourself away from the horse, for example if you fall, the release cable tightens and tears the bolt from the screwed-in CO² cartridge. The gas flows into the airbag and fully inflates in less than 1 second.

The airbag vest protects the chest, back, neck and tailbone, as the air cushions absorb and cushion the greatest damage from the impact.

Which EquiAirbag® is right for me?

EquiAirbag® offers various safety vests for riders. So you can choose the ideal protective vest for your needs.

EquiAirbag® module for Flexi safety vests

The model is compatible with the Flexi, Eco-Flexi and Flexi-Motion safety vests and can be easily pulled over the back of the Flexi models. Smit, the airbag is part of the safety vest. When full, it protects the entire spine and prevents the head from throwing back. The inflation time in the test was only 80 - 85 milliseconds. The additional model Equiairbag® for Flexi may only be used in combination with a Flexi model.

The EquiAirbag® V Zero - a backpack that protects

This airbag model can easily be worn over another protective vest or alone. This is made possible by an innovative belt system, which allows adjustment for different sizes from approx. child XL to adult. The activation time is only 60 ms and within 80 ms the protective vest is inflated from the coccyx to the neck. It also prevents the head from kicking back.

EquiAirbag® Guard combines safety vest and airbag

The airbag vest for riders EquiAirbag® Guard combines a classic protector with an airbag and thus offers comprehensive protection for the front and back. It offers complete protection for the spine and the front of the body and is currently one of the fastest airbag protectors for riders. A neck piece also protects the head from kicking back.

EquiAirbag® Precto Air Fit

The EquiAirbag® Precto Air Fit combines the Precto Dynamic Fit back protector with the EquiAirbag. The back protector offers a highly flexible honeycomb structure to protect the back and a light front pad. The wearing comfort is extremely high due to the elastic materials. Velcro fasteners on the sides allow this protective vest to be individually adapted to the body shape. When triggered, the EquiAirbag® inflates in less than a second and protects the entire spine from the coccyx to the neck.

All EquiAirbag airbag vests can be made ready for use again with a replacement cartridge. However, you should check your vest after every fall to make sure it hasn't been damaged by sharp objects.