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Peiker Cee Ceecoach Bluetooth® communication

Ceecoach enables you to communicate easily even where there is no network. You can easily talk to your riding instructor, for example, via Bluetooth®.

Peiker CEE
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Ceecoach storage box
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Ceecoach belt clip
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Peiker CEE
CEEFIT fitness tracker for horses
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Ceefit - The fitness tracker for horses

Ceefit - What can the fitness tracker for horses do?

The Ceefit fitness tracker Pulse & ECG electrode belt for horses is attached to the saddle belt and is able to measure the horse's heart rate, speed, calorie consumption and jumping force. You also have the opportunity to see how much and how long you have worked your horse on each hand. GPS tracking records the route of your ride. Deviations in the evenness of straightening are also recorded in the app. With the fitness tracker you can visualize and improve your training. For example, you can determine the symmetry in the trot, see irregularities in the movement and can thus plan future training sessions better. The Ceefit Tracker also helps on the course, because you document every jump. The cadence of the initiation of the jump, the height, the angle of the jump and the speed of the jump are recorded so that you can clearly see deviations. This makes the training comprehensible and minimizes the risk of being overwhelmed.

You can also use the Ceefit sensor without Ceefit Pulse and ECG electrode belt. But then you will not get any data on heart rate, intensity and burned calories. The Health+ functions, which can also be purchased in the app, are only used in combination with the Ceefit Pulse and ECG electrode belt. These features include an electrocardiogram, Fitness Shape Test (coming soon), stress level, recovery time and performance.

Ceefit - The fitness tracker for horses

CEECOACH Plus - the new outdoor communication system

The new CEECOACH Plus enables communication between 2 to 16 participants at a distance of up to 700 m. If a participant moves further away, the devices reconnect automatically as soon as the participant is within range again. One-click-connect makes connecting the devices even easier and faster. The CEECOACH Plus has active voice recognition. So you don't have to press a button if you want to talk to another rider or your trainer. As with everyone else CEECOACH Devices are connected via CEE Intercom technology. So you are independent of WiFi, mobile and radio networks. The CEECOACH Plus device is IP67 certified, which means it is waterproof for over 30 minutes to a depth of 1 m. This means it is also weatherproof and can be used outside even in bad weather. It is also shockproof and dustproof. Thanks to the long battery life of up to 18 hours, you are always connected to the other riders and do not have to constantly recharge the device.

Don't want to put the device in your trouser or jacket pocket? No problem, because you can CEECOACH Plus you can also wear it with a belt clip, a velcro strap to attach it to your arm or a lanyard around your neck. By default, the communication device comes with a wired headset, but it is also possible to connect it to different headsets via Bluetooth®.

CEECOACH 2 - Smartly connected

CEECOACH 2 - Smartly connected

Communication in riding lessons or at the tournament has never been so easy. With the CEECOACH Duo can communicate with each other up to 6 people - even if there is no network coverage. Regardless of smartphone or mobile network, participants can talk to each other over a distance of up to 500 meters using the latest Bluetooth® technology. In addition, the device is very small and can be easily attached to the waistband of the breeches. So you can hear your riding instructor perfectly. This also protects his voice and you do not disturb other riders.

With the different modes, you can always hear your riding instructor well, even in group lessons. The riding instructor can disable all other microphones in trainer mode. So there is no intervening. Do you have a question in trainer mode? Then, as a student, switch to participant mode at the touch of a button. All other participants hear thanks to the Full-Dupley technology too. By the way, even in private mode, the trainer can only speak to you without other riders being able to hear his instructions. The group lessons can also be designed individually.

Wired or with a wireless headset - depending on the location or personal preferences, you can easily choose between these two variants. You can even do it with gloves CEECOACH very easy to use, because the wavy design with three buttons is easy to feel.

Peiker Cee accessories and accessories for the CEECOACH

In addition to the actual communication devices, you can also buy a number of accessories for the CEECOACH receive. When it comes to headsets, you can choose between a mono cable headset with ergonomic earhook, the Onwell headset with gooseneck microphone, the standard stereo headset and a Jabra Boost Bluetooth® headset. If you ride outdoors a lot, you should also order the windscreen, as this serves to minimize noise. to yours CEECOACH you have the choice between a storage bag and a storage box. You can also buy the belt clip later.

comparison of CEECOACH devices

Group participants 2 - 6 2 - 6 2 - 16
Headset connection 3,5 mm jack 3,5 mm jack or Bluetooth® 3,5 mm jack or Bluetooth®
Battery life up to 10 hours up to 10 hours up to 18 hours
Stand-by time up to 3 days up to 3 days -
charging time about 4 hours about 4 hours up to 3 hours
Reach up to 500 m up to 500 m up to 700 m
Dimensions (WxHxD) 57 x 50 x 24 mm 57 x 50 x 24 mm 97 x 57 x 22 mm
Weight 45 g 45 g 96 g
Carrier for oxygen bottles Clip can be clicked into place in 90 ° steps Clip can be clicked into place in 90 ° steps Clip can be locked in 90 ° steps, Velcro strap, lanyard
Class Splashproof, dustproof, shockproof Splashproof, dustproof, shockproof IP67 (waterproof, temporary submersion: 30 min to 1 m depth, dustproof, shockproof)
Additional functions Role assignment (moderator, participant, private), key lock (with update 01.40), moderator mute Role assignment (moderator, participant, private), key lock (with update 01.40), moderator mute Hands Free - speaking without pressing a button, one-click-to-connect, mute function, key lock

The CEECOACH 1 and 2 versions only differ in one point: version 2 can also be used with a Bluetooth® headset. The CEECOACH PLUS, on the other hand, is an expanded, improved version. Up to 16 people can communicate with each other at a distance of up to 700 m.