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Care products for horses

Horse care & leather care

Here you will find everything for grooming from Effol, Leovet, Carr Day Martin or Soulhorse. We also carry a large selection of leather care and leather cleaning products.

Lambskin detergent Melp
ab €7,79
/ matt lambskin detergent melp.html
Bense & Eicke
Braking shock
ab €6,40
/ bense und eicke bremsenschock.html
Bense & Eicke
Horseflies shock lavender blood orange
ab €6,40
/ bense und eicke brake shock lavender blood orange.html

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Hoof oil pedocan in neutral
ab €9,90
/busse hoof oil pedocan in neutral.html

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Hoof shoe Davis medical shoe in blue
/ waldhausen hoof shoe davis sick shoe in blue.html
Hoof shoe in black
/ waldhausen hoof shoe in black.html
White-Star Spray Shampoo 500 ml
/effol white star spray shampoo 500 ml.html
Alumina Ice clay 8 kg
/ cavalor alumina ice clay 8 kg.html
Shampoo Equi wash 500 ml
/cavalor shampoo equi wash 500 ml.html
Derma wash 500ml
/cavalor derma wash 500 ml.html
Star shine tail and mane spray 500 ml
/ cavalor tail and mane spray star shine 500 ml.html
Fly spray Flyless 0.5 liters
/ cavalor fly spray flyless 05 liters.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Tesa tape 30mm x 50m
/kentucky horsewear tesa tape 30mm x 50m.html
White-Star dry shampoo 500 ml
/effol white star dry shampoo 500 ml.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Cleaning spray for synthetic leather Tack Cleaner
/kentucky horsewear cleaning spray for imitation leather tack cleaner.html
Horse Wellness
Hoof Fluid 500 ml
/horse wellness huf fluid 500 ml.html
Horse Wellness
Purisan 300 ml
/horse wellness purisan 300 ml.html
Leather foam 200 ml
/ leovet leather foam 200 ml.html
Leather oil 450 ml
/ leovet leather oil 450 ml.html
med Cooling Wash 500 ml
/effol med cooling wash 500 ml.html
Leather conditioner 300 ml
/ equixtreme leather conditioner 300 ml.html
Leather cleaner 300 ml
/ equixtreme leather cleaner 300 ml.html
Cover conditioner 500ml
/bucas cover conditioner 500ml.html
Horstis #Hufbalm # Happy-Hufe-Formula 500 ml
/ soulhorse horstis hufbalm happy hooves formula 500 ml.html
Schockemöhle Sports
Leather balm SPORTS in no color
/ schockemoehle sports leather balm sports in no color.html
Vital Shampoo White 300ml
/ equixtreme shampoo vital white 300 ml.html
Mane & Tail Spray Detangler 500ml
/ equixtreme mane and tail spray detangler 500ml.html
Care Lotion Tea Tree
/ leovet care lotion tea tree.html
Power shampoo with chamomile for light horses 500 ml
/ leovet power shampoo with chamomile for light horses 500 ml.html
Fly repellent Power Phaser Durativ bucket with sponge 500 ml
/ leovet fly protection power phaser durativ bucket with sponge 500 ml.html
Care spray for mold curry comb 550 ml
/ leovet care spray mold curry comb 550 ml.html
Huf Fett Laurel - Eucalyptus 750 ml
/ leovet hoof fat laurel eucalyptus 750 ml.html
Hoof balm with biotin 500 ml
/ leovet hoof balm with biotin 500 ml.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Hoof ointment Cornucrescine Original 250ml
/ carr and day and martin hoof ointment cornucrescine original 250ml.html
Effol-Brush FIX
/effol effol brush fix.html
Carr & Day & Martin
Stainmaster 500 ml stain removal spray
/ Carr and Day and Martin stainmaster stain removal spray 500 ml.html

Fur and mane care

The fur, mane and tail of your horse need to be looked after after the winter. Even if the horse likes to wallow and you want to go to riding lessons or to tournaments, you prefer a clean horse. This works with products from Leovet, such as the mane curry comb, power harrow or the power shampoo. The English brand Carr Day Martin also offers high-quality care products. The Dreamcoat or Coat Shine Spray, Mane & Tail Spray, Stain Master or the Gallop Shampoo care series are particularly popular.

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Hoof care is particularly important, no matter what the season. Because the health of your horse stands and falls with the hooves. We offer you a large selection of hoof oil, hoof ointment and care products for the frog. We offer Soulhorse, Carr Day Martin, Effol, Leovet and others. The Cavalor Dry Feet jet spray is particularly popular for medical problems such as thrush.

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Insect protection and fly spray

As soon as the first warm days of spring arrive, the small, annoying insects can also be found again. Sensitive horses develop eczema due to the small mosquitoes. Flies, mosquitoes and horseflies annoy our horses at work and in the pasture. You can counteract this with fly sprays. Tam Tam Vet, Fly Gard or Power Phaser are well-known names for protection against insects.

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Stall pharmacy

It happened quickly: a small scratch on the leg because the horses raved too much once. A quick look into the stable pharmacy can help. Disinfectant spray, dragon's blood plaster or silver ointment protect the injured area. Cellsius cooling gel or the Cold Pack ointment help with small bumps or warm spots.

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Leather cleaning and leather care

In addition to a clean horse, riders also like to have clean bridles and a well-groomed saddle. There are numerous care products so that you can clean and care for the leather properly. Effax, Carr Day Martin and Leovet are again the preferred brands of many riders.

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Textile laundry detergent

Pasture blankets and fly blankets should be cleaned regularly. Rain covers must also be impregnated. Hey Sport offers some detergents that you can easily use at home. Horseware, Leovet and Mattes also offer cleaning products for textiles.

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