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Grooming boxes & bags for horses

Order is important. There is a large selection of grooming bags and grooming boxes so that you can stow your grooming supplies properly. But you will also find gym bags, shoppers for everyday use or bandage bags here.

Kentucky Horsewear
Bridle pocket in black
/kentucky horsewear bridle bag in black.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Bridle pocket in gray
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/kentucky horsewear bridle bag in grey.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Bridle pocket in navy blue
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/kentucky horsewear bridle bag in navy blue.html

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Grooming Deluxe
Bum bag in black
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Grooming Deluxe
Bum bag in brown
/grooming deluxe bum bag in brown.html
helmet bag Samshield Premium protection backpack
/samshield helmet bag samshield premium protection backpack.html

Many highlights on offer: Pocket cleaning boxes heavily discounted!

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Helmet bag Klsally in Brown Black Coffee
instead of 49,94
/kingsland helmet bag klsally in brown black coffee.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Helmet bag in gray
/kentucky horsewear helmet bag in grey.html
Kentucky Horsewear
Saddle pad pocket in navy blue
/kentucky horsewear saddle pad bag in navy blue.html
Faux leather bag Platinum in cognac
/eskadron faux leather bag platinum in cognac.html
Faux leather bag Platinum in black
/eskadron faux leather bag platinum in black.html
Boot bag Rio Pro navy/Gray
instead of 32,90
/busse boot bag rio pro navygrey.html
Bandage bag Rio in navy
instead of 26,50
/busse bandage bag rio in navy.html
Bandage bag Rio in grey
instead of 26,50
/busse bandage bag rio in grey.html
Highgloss Heritage bag in basalt gray
/eskadron bag highgloss heritage in basalt gray.html
Bag Mini Rio in navy
instead of 14,49
/busse bag mini rio in navy.html
Lucky Heart Bag in midnight blue
instead of 13,95
/ waldhausen tasche lucky heart bag in night blue.html
Bandage bag BANDAGES BAG in black
/eskadron bandage bag bandages bag in black.html
Highgloss Heritage bag in cassis
/eskadron bag highgloss heritage in cassis.html
Dura Heritage bag in pearl rose
/eskadron bag dura heritage in pearl rose.html
Bag Dura Heritage in navy
/eskadron bag dura heritage in navy.html
Cooling bag KLchelle Cooling Bag in Navy
/kingsland klchelle cooling bag in navy.html
Cleaning bag Rio in navy
instead of 59,00
/busse cleaning bag rio in navy.html
Riding helmet bag Rio in navy
instead of 41,90
/busse riding helmet bag rio in navy.html
Boot bag Rio Plus Pro in navy
instead of 52,90
/busse boot bag rio plus pro in navy.html
Belt bag Mobile in black
instead of 8,75
/busse belt bag mobile in black.html
Belt bag Rio in grey
instead of 17,50
/busse belt bag rio in grey.html
Equine passport folder Rio in grey
instead of 23,50
/busse equine passport folder rio in gray.html
Grooming Deluxe
Chestnut travel bag in brown
/grooming deluxe travel bag chestnut in brown.html
Grooming Deluxe
Cover show grooming box in navy
/grooming deluxe cover show grooming box in navy.html
Grooming Deluxe
Cover Show Grooming Box in black
/grooming deluxe cover show grooming box in black.html
HV Polo
Cleaning bag Argentina in dark brown
instead of 69,95
/hv polo cleaning bag argentina in dark brown.html
Classic grooming bag in navy
/kingsland classic grooming bag in navy.html
Kentucky Dogwear
Tote bag Dog Hairs in beige
/kentucky dogwear carrier bag dog hairs in beige.html
Tote bag Shopper Bag ELT unicorn
instead of 2,95
/ waldhausen tote bag shopper bag elt einhorn.html
ACCESSORIES BAG bag in mocca
/eskadron bag accessories bag in mocca.html

The classic grooming box for all occasions

The classic cleaning box is made of plastic with many storage options for your cleaning utensils. These grooming boxes often have a removable small parts compartment in which small items such as hoof picks, mane combs, mane elastics for braiding or small scissors can be stowed away. Many grooming boxes are also built so stably that you can stand on them if you want to braid your mane, for example. In addition, most boxes have a carrying handle.

The cleaning bag can be taken anywhere

A cleaning bag is particularly suitable for transport, as it usually has a detachable shoulder strap. Inside the bag are small compartments for storing small items. There are side pockets on the outside so that you have the most important things at hand. In addition, the outer material is easy to care for and some models are even made of soft shell, which is easy to wash off. Root brushes, brushes, mane spray and all other care products can be found in the large interior. Most cleaning bags have a cord for closing in the upper area.

The cleaning case offers plenty of storage space

The cleaning case is almost a transportable tack room. Because the large version even has wheels for easy transport. The inside is padded with foam so that your care utensils cannot be damaged. In addition, cleaning cases are usually lockable, so perfect for tournaments or a tack room that is accessible to all riders.

Use shoppers and gym bags for equestrian sports

The equestrian sports manufacturers have long recognized the trend: Shoppers are not only suitable for grooming sets. The stylish bag from collections can also be used for the next shopping trip because it offers a lot of space. A gym bag with a printed horse motif is not only extremely cute, but also offers space for a riding helmet, breeches or small items. It is therefore particularly suitable for riders who drive straight from work or school to the stable and change there. Gym bags are available from us #Soulhorse and of course also directly with Lepona.de motif.

Protect your riding helmet with a helmet bag

Hardly anything is as annoying as scratches on your beloved, maybe even very expensive riding helmet. Therefore, you should always stow your cap in a helmet bag. This protects against scratches, bumps and of course dust. But let your riding helmet dry well before packing it up if you have just come from the riding lesson. A helmet bag also makes transporting your helmet much easier, as many bags have either shoulder straps or handles.

Boot bags are the ideal accessory for riding boots

Easy transport, protection against scratches and space for care products - this is what most boot bags offer. The shoulder strap allows you to carry it easily. Most boot bags are made of a high-quality and easy-care material that can be easily cleaned both inside and outside. Particularly good models also have ventilation holes so that your riding boots can be stowed in them immediately after use. The moisture can still escape.