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Horse brushes

Horse brushes

Horse brushes should not be missing in any grooming kit. In addition to the well-known brush, there are also root brushes, head brushes, washing brushes and many other variants to care for your horse.

HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming Smile Grundys Finest Mini
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche smile grundys finest mini.html
Brush Dandy Soft Grip Medium hard in cobalt blue
/premiere brush dandy soft grip medium hard in cobalt blue.html
Imperial Riding
Brush block in black
/imperial riding brush block in black.html

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Striegel Massage super in blue
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Grooming Deluxe
Brush set limited edition 6 pieces
/grooming deluxe brush set limited edition 6 pieces.html
HAAS brush manufacture
washing brush
/ haas brushes manufaktur waschbuerste.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Lambskin brush brush Diva Exclusive
/ haas buersten manufaktur lambskin cardaetsche diva exclusive.html
HW brush 19 cm, hard bristles 3 cm
/ waldhausen hw kardaetsche 19 cm hard bristles 3 cm.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Grooming brush Welsh
/ haas buersten manufaktur kardaetsche welsh.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Diva lambskin brush
/ haas buersten manufaktur diva lammfellbuerste.html
Imperial Riding
Soft brush in bordeaux
/imperial riding brush soft in bordeaux.html
Grooming brush, small
instead of 8,95
/ waldhausen kardaetsche klein.html
Bense & Eicke
Root brush dirt tile
/ bense und eicke root brush dirt tile.html
HAAS brush manufacture
Double brush Putzi soft
instead of 8,70
/ haas brushes manufaktur doppelbuerste putzi soft.html
Flexi brush, black/grey
instead of 5,95
/waldhausen flexi kardaetsche black-grey.html
HW head brush 12 cm, soft bristles 3 cm
/ waldhausen hw head brush 12 cm soft bristles 3 cm.html
Imperial Riding
Perfection brush and bands IRH Royal purple
instead of 12,95
/imperial riding perfection brush and bands irh royal purple.html
Imperial Riding
Brush dandy hard big in black
/imperial riding brush dandy hard large in black.html

What do you need a grooming brush for?

You use a brush - sometimes also spelled grapeshot - to remove dirt and dust from your horse's coat. Use the rather fine bristles to stroke in the direction of growth. Dirt, dust, dried sweat and loose hair are caught in the bristles. For easy cleaning while cleaning, you can wipe off the brush on a comb. However, you should clean the horse brush regularly with soap and water. There are also special cleaning products if your brush has natural bristles. If you brush your horse with a brush, you also promote blood circulation in the muscles at the same time. It also deepens the bond you have with your horse. At lepona.de you will find a large selection of different Kardätschen models from top brands such as Haas Bürstenmanufaktur, Waldhausen or Busse.

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The Magic Brush miracle brush

The Magic Brush cleans particularly gently thanks to the Quadro bristles. Even sensitive areas of the body such as ears or head can be cleaned with it. But hooves, the horse's body or legs can also be cleaned with it. The back can even be used as a sweat knife to draw off water or sweat. The Original Magic Brush is manufactured, printed and packaged in the EU. If necessary, you can even clean the Magic Brush in the washing machine.

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The root brush is suitable for removing coarse dirt

The root brush is a horse brush with rather coarse bristles. This is particularly useful for brushing heavy dirt and encrustations out of the coat. As you groom your horse, pay attention to how it reacts. Because the bristles can sometimes be very hard and some horses don't like that. You can also use the root brush to clean the hoof.

Special head brushes ensure gentle cleaning

The horse's head is particularly sensitive because it hardly has any soft spots. You should therefore always use a particularly soft horse brush for cleaning. These head brushes consist of long, very fine bristles or lambskin. The fine material also ensures a beautiful shine, as even very fine dust is absorbed well.

What else is there for horse brushes?

In addition to the well-known brushes such as card brush, root brush or magic brush, there are also some more special variants. The washing brush, for example, is particularly suitable for washing your horse's hooves or coat. The fur shine brush or dust brush does what the name promises. The fine bristles pick up even the smallest particles and give them a special shine. Cuddle brushes are often made of lambskin. They also give a special shine, but are used more for sensitive areas on the horse's body. Many horses also enjoy a gentle head massage with a sheepskin brush.

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