Protection for eyes and ears

fly masks

Fly masks with or without nose protection effectively protect your horse from flies and other insects. A fly mask is particularly useful for horses with sensitive eyes.

What is better?

Fly fringe or fly mask?

Fly fringe usually only protect the eyes. This product consists of a kind of browband that is attached to the halter. This strap has many fringes attached to it, which are intended to scare away the flies through movement.

fly masks on the other hand, provide more comprehensive protection for your horse's head. Most fly masks have protection for the ears, reach to or above the nostrils and close tightly so that no fly can get into the mask. Many fly masks also have UV protection. This can be an advantage for light-colored horses that are prone to sunburn.

Can you ride with fly masks?

If your horse is sensitive, you can also ride with a fly mask. This is particularly useful when riding on country paths. Make sure that the fly mask does not rub or get caught on the bridle and pull the fly mask over the bridle. This way you can quickly remove the mask if in doubt.