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Horseware Rambo, Amigo, Ice Vibes or Rambo Micklem - The Irish equestrian brand produces high-quality horse blankets, gaiters and bridles using the latest technologies.

Horse with rain cover on a pasture

Rain and winter blankets

Horseware Turnout pasture blankets

Horseware Turnout turnout blankets offer protection from rain and wind and keep you warm on cold days. The Mio, Rambo and Amigo labels offer many different models with 0g to 400g feeding.

Quality turnout blankets for your horse must meet certain requirements: Firstly, a turnout blanket should be waterproof, and secondly, it should also be robust. This means that a good turnout blanket for your horse does not soak up water when it rains and should not be damaged by your horse's everyday activities. Horsewear is usually made from nylon and polyester. It is worth taking a look at the specified density of the stitches. The higher the value of the unit of measurement denier or "D", the more durable the turnout blanket is. Turnout blankets can also be used as rain blankets. The breathable material also has a positive effect on the horse's skin climate.

Horseware Fly blankets

Horseware Ireland offers numerous fly sheets under various labels such as Mio, Amigo or Rambo. Horseware Fly rugs are usually provided with a fixed or removable neck part, cross surcingles or with three surcingles and a bib. The majority of fly rugs are cut particularly long so that the horse's legs are also protected from insects. The very good quality of the Horseware Fly blankets.

Horseware stable Rugs

The stable ceilings as well as the liner from Horseware are extremely robust and easy to care for. The blankets and liners are available with different fillings, from 100g to 200g and even 300g for particularly cold winter days. The underblankets can be combined with Rhino, Rambo and Amigo Bravo blankets.

Horseware Ice Vibe

Horseware offers various therapeutic products for horses. All Ice-Vibe equestrian products support tendons and ligaments by cooling them during healing and regeneration. Horseware Ice-Vibe products cool and massage at the same time, so that blood circulation is maintained despite cooling.

Horseware fly masks

When the insects become really annoying in summer, a fly mask is still the best protection for the horse's eyes. Every Horseware Fly mask is made of high-quality, coated polyester mesh material. This gives the Horseware Fly mask not only protects against annoying insects, but also provides the greatest possible protection for the eyes against dangerous UV rays. The soft fleece trim on the edges and the flexible material on the ears ensure a comfortable fit and prevent chafing. The Velcro fastener makes it easy to put on the fly mask and ensures a perfect fit.