Black horse with pink saddle pad and fly hood

Indispensable in equestrian sports


Dressage, show jumping and eventing saddle pads protect not only the horse's back but also the saddle from dirt and sweat. Different colors, quilting, details and decorations turn a useful saddle pad into a fashionable accessory.


Four saddlecloths of the Eskadron Heritage collection in different colors

For every taste

Saddle pad types

  • Dressage saddle pad: rectangular and straight cut at the front, often with glitter or colored edging
  • Jumping saddle pads: round cut in the front area and follows the contour of the saddle flap
  • Competition saddle pads: white saddle pads mostly for dressage, also colorful in show jumping
  • Pony saddle pads: adapted in size for the smaller saddle
  • Saddle pads: are modeled on the shape of the saddle and are barely visible under the saddle.

What should you consider when buying a saddle pad?

The saddle pad protects the horse's back and especially the saddle from dirt and sweat. The materials used must Wick moisture away well and dry well after training. The saddle pad must also not slip. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the fit.

There are saddle pads with an extra raised, ergonomically shaped withers to minimize friction and increase comfort.

The underside today mostly consists of a Mesh-Fabric which has particularly good breathable properties.

If you have a horse that tends to chafe, use lambskin saddle pads or lambskin underlays. This can be particularly necessary during the coat change. However, all horses generally do well with saddle pads made of a cotton blend.

Wash saddle pads properly

First of all, wash as often as necessary, but also as little as possible, because every saddle pad naturally loses some color with every wash. Sometimes it can help if you simply brush the saddle pad after riding. Actually, you can wash every saddle pad Machine wash at 30 degrees, do not spin hard (low rotation) and do not put in the dryerIf saddlecloths are put in the dryer, they shrink quickly and beautiful decorations fray.

We often hear that customers have to deal with black edges on their saddle pads, especially light ones. This is due to the color of the saddles and boots coming off when the horse's sweat comes into contact with them. So always make sure that the leather items are of high quality.