woman with Kingsland Sweater ties bandages
Kingsland Logo

Classic design with high performance

Kingsland Equestrian

From the riding pants to the popular bomber jackets, Kingsland through a successful balancing act between well thought-out design and high quality. Both of these factors make the manufacturer's clothing so popular today. The range is broad and extends from stylish jackets to saddle pads and halters.

Stylish design

Kingsland Vests & Jackets

Everyone knows him, the legendary Kingsland Blouson. It was one of the first products to come onto the market in 1999 and is still part of the Classic collection today. In addition to the Blouson, Kingsland but also winter jackets, fleece jackets and softshell jackets for men and women.

The Kingsland Vests are mostly unisex and in the well-known Kingsland Navy designed with the logo on the chest. Like the jackets, the riding vest is not only available with down filling, but also as a thermal or hybrid vest.

Kingsland Riding pants and riding leggings

  • comfortable wearing comfort
  • with grip trim
  • with knee pads or full grip
  • high waistband for a secure fit
  • durable and easy to care for

Kingsland valances

  • Classic diamond quilted design
  • Cotton or velvet surface
  • Discreet logo on the side
  • Inner material wicks away moisture
  • Outer material is made of dirt-resistant cotton-polyester fabric