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Kep Italia

One of the best-known manufacturers of innovative riding helmets is Kep ItaliaThe Italian company uses unique technology in its helmets, ensuring maximum safety.

Kep Italia Riding helmets with glossy and matt surfaces

Be individual

Kep riding helmet configurator

This is how you do it:

  1. Open the Kep riding helmet configurator
  2. Choose all parts of the riding helmet individually
  3. Choose your riding helmet size
  4. After you have selected everything, click on "Receive Configuration" in the menu above. Enter your information, have it sent to you and send us your configuration [email protected] with a short info.

Which Kep helmet size fits me?

The most important thing about a riding helmet is the fit, because only a perfect fit ensures the protective function. Kep ​​offers two different outer shells. These are adjusted to the respective head size using inlays.

In helmet size M, the inlays fit in sizes 51 to 58. In helmet size L, the inlays fit in sizes 59 to 62.

There are also inlays for an oval head shape and for a straight head shape. This allows the padding to be optimally adjusted at the front, back and sides.

You can also find the size chart in each article.

New technology in the Kep Cromo 2.0

The Cromo 2.0 riding helmet from is a new, improved version of the well-known first model. The engineers at Kep Italia refined the new riding helmet.

  • Replace front and back inlay independently
  • the Kep logo on the front can be removed and replaced
  • Logo is available in many colors and with glitter
  • Ventilation grille can be customized
  • 5-point strap is hand-sewn from high-quality leather
  • 5-point belt is available in different colors

Exchange of design elements made easy

  1. Remove padding and visor
  2. Unscrew the screws of the front design element
  3. Detach and lift off the sides of the element
  4. add a new design element so that the hooks sit in their sockets
  5. Fasten screws and insert padding and visor
  6. Grasp the rear design element at the bottom and lift it up to release
  7. Insert new design element into the sockets and press the lower part towards the shell to lock into place

To replace the visor or remove it entirely:

  1. Lift the visor up to release it
  2. Insert the Polo visor, slowly press it down until it is fully engaged
  3. tighten existing screws

If you want to ride without a visor, use the included jockey visor so that the inner padding is fixed.

NFC provides more security

An NFC chip is installed under the front design element. This can be filled with information about your health using the Kep app. Rescue workers can access this data using their mobile device and thus initiate better first aid measures.

This is Kep Italia

You get at Kep Italia high-quality riding helmets that are characterized by innovative features and offer maximum safety. Safety is the top priority, especially when choosing a riding helmet.

  • places great value on design and innovation
  • Riding helmets are constantly being optimized and the latest materials are being used
  • wants to offer maximum comfort
  • always looking for new materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, Kevlar and anti-allergenic, anti-static fabrics for upholstery
  • always up to date with the latest trends in equestrian sports
  • During development, the models are constantly checked
  • Riding helmets have all important safety certificates and meet the German guidelines

How to look after your riding helmet from Kep Italia

Good care increases the lifespan of your riding helmet.

  • Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods
  • keep away from high humidity
  • Allow to dry thoroughly after use
  • to be stored in a helmet bag
  • Do not drop your helmet
  • never place directly on the helmet shell
  • Use the included Kep Clean cloth for cleaning, either dry or moistened
  • Wash inlay by hand or in the washing machine at cold temperatures
  • avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents and solvents
  • Use leather care for the chin strap to maintain elasticity, naturalness and beauty
  • Never use a hair dryer or other artificial heat sources