Close-up of horse legs with transport boots

Safe on the go

Transport gaiters for horses

You should use transport boots, especially for horses with shoes. These protect the horse's legs from bumps, scrapes and abrasions from the coronary band to the carpal or hock joints. Make sure the transport boots fit well so that they do not slip and irritate your horse.

What are transport gaiters for?

As the name suggests, transport boots protect your horse when it is being transported in a trailer or horse transporter. Injuries can occur when loading and unloading the horse if it slips or stumbles. Your horse can also lose its balance and kick its own legs when braking suddenly or swerving while driving. The thick material of the transport boots protects against such injuries.

It is important that the boots fit properly. There should be no folds that could cause pressure and chafing on the horse's leg. The transport boots should also not be too big so that they can be closed tightly and do not slip when travelling.