Close-up Samshield Miss Shield

With wide visor

Samshield Miss Shield riding helmets

A wide polo visor and the frontal band distinguish that Samshield Miss Shield from the standard riding helmet.

This riding helmet model is available as a Shadowmatt version, but also as a Shadowglossy and as a Premium version. All models can be customized in the areas of the helmet shell, top, frontal band, trim and blazon. As an extra, the dressage cutout can be selected, which leaves space for a topknot at the nape of the neck.

Even when Samshield With the Miss Shield riding helmet, great importance is placed on an attractive appearance without annoying air inlets. To ensure that you do not sweat too much, the fresh air is directed in a strong air stream from the front inlet past the comfort foam to the rear vents. The front air inlet is hidden under the blazon.