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Must-have brand in equestrian sports

Kentucky Horsewear

The Belgian company Kentucky Horsewear is known for equestrian products with beautiful designs and innovative technologies. In addition to gaiters, blankets and halters, Kentucky also offers high-quality saddle pads and elegant accessories.

Rider with brown horse in front of a castle with Kentucky clothing

Animal welfare combined with technological progress

Kentucky Horsewear: animal-friendly equestrian products

There has been a rethinking process in equestrian sports for a long time. Kentucky, like many of the leading equestrian equipment manufacturers, has therefore focused on animal-friendly products. Only materials that do not contain any animal components are used in production, such as artificial leather or artificial rabbit fur and sheepskin.

Advantages of artificial leather:

  • waterproof
  • pflegeleicht
  • lighter than real leather
  • very resistant
  • can be washed at 30°C

Benefits of Solimbra:

  • mainly used in leg protection
  • laminated outer shell does not absorb water
  • light and breathable

Advantages of artificial rabbit fur:

  • breathable and breathable
  • easy-care, washable at 30°C
  • extremely soft to avoid chafing
  • short hairs prevent horse hair from getting stuck
  • Material provides shine to the horse's coat

Well wrapped

Kentucky bandages

The bandages from Kentucky Horsewear offer an optimal combination of support for the horse's legs and protection against possible injuries to the tendons. The wool, polo and fleece bandages are available in Navy, mustard yellow, pink and many other great colors. The strong Velcro fastener on the Kentucky bandages stays closed even during intensive training.

The elastic bandages from Kentucky have been optimized in their stretchability. Of course, the bandages from Kentucky Horsewear machine washable. However, due to the soft, elastic and breathable material, you should avoid using the dryer.

Against annoying insects

Kentucky fly veil

Kentucky fly veils protect your horse from annoying flies during rides, training or tests. The fly veils are hand-knitted, are long-lasting and the material is stretchable around the horse's ears. Borders, rhinestones and embroidery make the fly veils look wonderful.

The Kentucky Horsewear Soundless fly ears protect your horse from disturbing and distracting noises from the environment, so that the focus can be entirely on training. For many horses, noises that occur suddenly and unexpectedly mean stress and this can be minimized thanks to the soundproof ears of the Soundless fly ears.