Acavallo stirrup
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The Italian brand produces stirrups, saddle pads and correction pads. The products are developed, designed and made in Italy using Italian materials. This guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products.

Acavallo stirrup

Acavallo offers aluminum stirrups in various colors. The Alupro Safety stirrups have a safety bar that opens when you press on them and releases your foot. This means you can't get caught in the stirrup. The Arco aluminum stirrups are particularly light and have a wide tread for more stability.

Acavallo Saddle Pads

Whether memory foam pad, gel pad, front or back riser pad - Acavallo offers you saddle pads made of soft gel or memory foam for your dressage saddle or jumping saddle. With a saddle pad you can protect your horse's back or quickly correct a saddle that doesn't quite fit during the muscle building phase.