Two horses with Dyon Bridles

Perfection and passion


Dy'on is a quality brand from Belgium that combines perfection and passion in terms of exceptional leather quality for horse and rider. Working exclusively with high-quality materials is the cornerstone of Dy'on's success. The development and manufacture of their products is subject to high quality standards and also includes an all-round service to make the partnership between man and horse as long-lasting as possible. This is why Dy'on also offers a lifetime guarantee against material defects and manufacturing.

Dyon Bridles

Dy'on's product range is divided into different collections and ranges from chaps to bridles, curbs, martingales, dog collars and belts. The products are used by professionals and amateurs in their daily work and are reflected in different collections.

The bridles in the Difference collection are the result of a collaboration between Dy'on and Equality. They are designed to relieve pressure on the horse's neck, as this area is particularly sensitive. The sensitive area is protected by a special cut of the headpiece and the crossed throatlatches, allowing for even better communication with the horse.

Collections: Working, Dressage, Hunter, English and New English

The Working Collection is the robust and slightly cheaper collection for daily work with your horse. It is made from buffalo leather and is therefore particularly durable and powerful. Professionals in particular like to use this collection because it is particularly durable and at the same time offers enormous comfort for rider and horse.

There is also the Dy'on collection made of European leather, the English and New English collection, the Hunter collection and, most recently, the Dressage collection. All are characterized by outstanding leather qualities and offer different innovations and developments that are worth discovering.