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Waldhausen Equestrian Horse

Waldhausen Equestrian

Waldhausen offers a wide range of equestrian accessories. Sweat blankets, saddle pads, gaiters or cleaning supplies are just a small part. Waldhausen is represented in almost every area of ​​equestrian sport and offers very good value for money.

Dressage Boots Comfort in black/nature
/waldhausen dressage gaiter comfort in black nature.html
One-piece triangle reins in black
/ waldhausen triangle star one-piece in black.html
Sweat rug Modern Rose with fur collar in midnight blue
/waldhausen sweat rug modern rose with fur collar in midnight blue.html

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Saddle pad modern rosé in night blue/rose gold
/ waldhausen saddle pad modern rose in night blue rose gold.html

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Spore set in black
/ waldhausen spore set in black.html
Silverstar stirrup leathers in black
/ waldhausen stirrup strap silverstar in black.html
Dressage Boots Soft in black/beige
/waldhausen dressage gaiter soft in black beige.html
Gag snaffle, double broken, 16mm, stainless steel
/ waldhausen double snaffle bridle 16mm stainless steel.html
X-Line Supersoft bridle in black
/ waldhausen bridle x line supersoft in black.html
Fillis stirrup insert in black
/ waldhausen stirrup insert fillis in black.html
Spurs set for men
/ waldhausen spore set for men.html
Stirrup leathers Star in brown
ab €17,95
/ waldhausen stirrup strap star in brown.html
Lunging belt teddy fleece in black
/waldhausen lunging belt teddy fleece in black.html
Snaffle bridle Star Hannover in black
/ waldhausen bridle star hannover in black.html
Hoof bell rubber with synthetic fur in black
/ waldhausen hoof bell rubber with synthetic fur in black.html
Mini Chaps Exclusive in black
/ waldhausen mini chaps exclusive in black.html
Halter Alcantara in petrol
/waldhausen halter alcantara in petrol.html
Fleece blanket Economic with cross straps in navy
/waldhausen fleece blanket economic with cross strap in navy.html
Spurs set Crystal for women in rose gold
/ waldhausen spore set crystal for women in rose gold.html
Eggbut anatomical, simply broken, 16mm, stainless steel
/ waldhausen olive head dentition anatomically simply broken 16mm stainless steel.html
3-ring bridle double broken, solid
/ waldhausen 3 ring bridle double broken solid.html
Gaiter memory foam in black
/waldhausen gaiter memory foam in black.html
Lunge belt pad in black
/ waldhausen lunging belt pad in black.html
Saddle pad Ancona in white/silver
/ waldhausen saddle pad ancona in white silver.html
Double lunge webbing in black
/waldhausen double lunge webbing in black.html
Outdoor blanket Economic Light in sky blue
/waldhausen outdoor blanket economic light in sky blue.html
Kidney blanket waterproof in midnight blue
/ waldhausen kidney cover waterproof in midnight blue.html
Saddle pad Competition in black
/ waldhausen saddle pad competition in black.html
Leather saddle strap Contour without elastic in black
/ waldhausen leather saddle belt contour without elastic in black.html
Cheek pieces, pair in black
/ waldhausen baking pieces pair in black.html
Anatomic leather cavesson in brown
/ waldhausen leather cavesson anatomic in brown.html
Ancona saddle pad in beige/black
/ waldhausen saddle pad ancona in beige black.html
Rubber reins Star in black
ab €17,95
/ waldhausen rubber strap star in black.html
Plastic needles with gemstones in gold color
/ waldhausen plastron needles with gemstones in gold-colored.html
Hoof bell basic in black
/ waldhausen hoof bell basic in black.html

Waldhausen - the whole world of equestrian sports!

The Waldhausen company has been developing outstanding products for equestrian sports for more than 180 years. Whether it's breeches, riding helmets, jackets, gloves, chaps and boots, horse blankets, saddle belts, gaiters or bridles - you'll find the right equestrian accessories at Waldhausen.

Waldhausen sells over 15.000 products in over 60 countries. The clear goal of the Cologne-based company is to continue to offer its customers excellent value for money and a large selection of products.


Popular products from Waldhausen are:

  • bits
  • Bridles
  • holster
  • cleaning equipment
  • valances
  • stable Equipment

All in all, you will find many everyday items at reasonable prices at Waldhausen. The Waldhausen product range is so diverse that you can fully equip yourself with the brand.

Waldhausen offers a huge selection of bridles

Besides classic English-combined bridles are available as assessories. Hanoverian bridles Waldhausen also offers Mexican bridles and anatomical bridles. Bitless bridles are also represented in the range. The bridles are made of high-quality cowhide.

Waldhausen Reitsport offers three series: S-Line, X-Line and Star bridles. S-Line and X-Line bridles are anatomically shaped and softly padded. However, only the softest Italian leather is used for the S-Line. The finest leather is also used for the X-Line bridles.

The bridles of the Star collection are made of robust leather. They therefore offer particularly good value for money.

Alle drei Serien umfassen alle Trensenmodelle. Von klassisch englisch bis Gebisslos findest Du hier die passende Trense für deinen Geldbeutel.

Waldhausen saddle pads

Of course, saddle pads should not be missing in the wide range of equestrian sports from Waldhausen. in the Lepona Online shop you will therefore find a large selection of saddle pads. It doesn't matter whether it's a classic saddle pad or a stylish saddle pad - Waldhausen manufactures both from high-quality materials.

Waldhausen saddle pads are particularly stylish and always match the collections. The materials are particularly shock-absorbing, breathable and pressure-distributing.

Waldhausen halter for ponies, warmblood and thoroughbred

Hardly any other brand offers as many different halters as the company from North Rhine-Westphalia. Among other things, Waldhausen offers:

  • Willow halter
  • leather halter
  • transport halter
  • Foal halter
  • Knot halter
  • safety holster
  • Classic halters with locking buckles

The Halter Perlon is a classic with a sliding buckle in many different colors and available in Shetland, Pony, Thoroughbred and Warmblood sizes. This halter is ideal to use as a pasture halter because it offers good value for money. Since it is also available in bright colors, it is ideal for horses that like to strip off their halter in the meadow.

The pasture halter from Waldhausen does not require any buckles and is firmly closed with a Velcro fastener. This halter is particularly suitable for horses that chafe on metal parts.

In addition to the simple pasture halters are also special foal halter Releases. This high-quality halter with soft padding in the neck and on the bridge of the nose can be adjusted in three places. There are pin buckles on the nose strap, throat strap and headpiece, which ensures an optimal fit. This is particularly valuable for foals when they are just beginning lead training.

The rope halter, which you can buy from us in many colors and sizes, is ideal for ground work. Safety advice: Never tie your horse to the rope halter!

Waldhausen cleaning supplies and stable supplies

Cleaning equipment is part of the basic equipment of every rider. It is therefore not surprising that Waldhausen also offers cleaning supplies on a large scale. The horse brushes include both the classic brush and washing brushes, dust brushes, head brushes and of course root brushes.

Waldhausen offers extra brushes for children, which are much smaller and easier to handle.

In addition to cleaning supplies for the coat, tail and hooves, you will also find everything you need for stables at Waldhausen Reitsport. Including, of course, hay nets, cereal bowls and feed buckets. Especially in the area of ​​consumer goods, Waldhausen Reitsport offers a very wide range and also offers special accessories. You will find boot horns, tie rings or bridle holders and stable boards in the wide range of products.

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