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riding boots

Riding boots are divided into dressage, jumping and all-rounder. Whichever you choose, you can choose between many different designs and materials. We offer riding boots from QHP, among others. Busse, Hobo or Ego7.

Which riding boots are right for me?

Dressage boots

  • for a long, slim leg
  • Inside slightly thinner and softer
  • very high dressage bow
  • Reinforced heel
  • mostly made of cowhide

Jumping boots

  • much more flexible than a dressage boot
  • softer material for more freedom of movement
  • elastic lacing area at the front
  • not cut so high

All-round boots

  • combines freedom of movement of the jumping boot with the look of the dressage boot
  • insensitive material. often synthetic

Caring for riding boots properly

The most important thing first: never use leather oil on your boots, but use a shoe polish that does not contain turpentine. Turpentine damages the leather. Here's how to clean and care for them:

  1. Clean your leather boots gently with a sponge and a little water. While boots made of other materials can tolerate the use of a root brush, you should definitely avoid this with leather boots. You can also use leather cleaner, but make sure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients such as turpentine.
  2. Let the boots dry sufficiently.
  3. Now you can rub your leather riding boots with boot polish or shoe cream. Use a soft sponge or a soft cloth and apply the care product carefully.
  4. After the care product has been absorbed and the boot has dried thoroughly, you can polish it with a soft cloth for a little more shine.

After riding, you should definitely let your riding boots dry. This is best done in a well-ventilated place at room temperature. As moisture collects in the leather during training, drying is necessary to avoid the worst-case scenario of mold forming. Never dry your boots on a heater or in the sun, as this will make the leather too dry and cracked.

Boot trees and boot bags are useful accessories for riding boots. The boot trees ensure that the boots do not lose their shape and do not form creases. The boot bag protects your riding boots from damage caused by other equestrian equipment in the closet and from dust and dirt.