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riding chaps

Chaps can be removed quickly after riding. This allows fresh air to reach the legs and the rider still wears comfortable boots. Chaps are particularly suitable for children, as they quickly grow out of expensive riding boots. Riding chaps are much cheaper and grow with the rider to a certain extent.

What types of chaps are there?

Dressage chaps and boot shafts

  • reminiscent of a riding boot
  • are made of genuine leather or imitation leather
  • offer a zipper and a firm elastic insert
  • enclose your leg relatively tightly and have a dressage bow

Mini Chaps

  • soft polyester exterior, faux leather trim on the inside of the leg
  • straight cut
  • frequently ribbed elastic insert for better fit
  • "grows" a little in width with

Can you wash chaps?

How to care for your riding chaps

Whether you can wash your chaps in the washing machine depends entirely on the material. Chaps made of real leather should be cleaned with warm water, possibly a little leather soap (without harmful ingredients) and a soft sponge or cloth. Then care for them with shoe cream or polish without turpentine. Chaps made of synthetic leather or polyester can be washed according to the washing instructions. You will find these on a small piece of paper on the inside of the chaps. Follow these washing instructions so that your chaps stay supple and beautiful for a long time.