Rider with Samshield riding Leggings

Comfortable and airy

riding Leggings

Riding leggings are a comfortable alternative to riding pants. They are only available with grip trim and are similar to yoga pants with a wide waistband. They are very elastic and breathable, making them perfect for summer.

What is riding leggings?

Most riding leggings do not have zippers, buttons or belt loops. Therefore, the fit is particularly important. The riding leggings must not slip, of course.

These modern riding pants are not only sporty and very stylish, they also usually have a cell phone pocket on the thigh. In terms of functionality, riding leggings usually offer a moisture-wicking and very breathable fabric.

The trim is also made of silicone, which offers optimal grip in the saddle. The leg ends are elastic and have no Velcro fasteners, so they fit snugly around the rider's leg. This is important so that the pants don't press in the boots. Riding leggings are a variant of riding pants, but much more elastic and comparable to yoga pants.

Riding leggings for summer or winter

Summer riding leggings

  • airy and comfortable material
  • mostly made of moisture-transporting functional material
  • lighter colors stay cooler in the sun than darker colors

Winter riding leggings

  • lined with fleece
  • mostly water-repellent surface
  • often softshell material

Riding leggings for women

Riding leggings are mainly worn by women and girls.

Riding leggings are suitable for women of all ages. However, if the material of the pants is very thin, every dent and every extra pound will unfortunately show. This type of riding clothing is therefore more likely to be bought by slim women. Riding leggings made of figure-shaping materials are now also available. These compression materials shape the rider's contours.