Lepona Club partnership & sponsoring

Are you looking for a sponsor for your riding club's tournament? Do you have your own social media account and are looking for a sponsor? Then you can find our tips here.

Sponsorship of clubs and tournaments

Lepona has been supporting riding clubs and ambitious amateur athletes since its foundation. To support your riding club, we have created the Lepona-Club partnership. A collaboration under whose umbrella we support your club in various ways, but in which the commitment of your club also plays an important role.

We currently only support selected clubs in the immediate area of ​​Dortmund.

Cooperations and sponsorship of social media channels

We always look forward to all inquiries and take a very close look at the profiles. In a cooperation, it is very important to us that you fit in with us. We work very closely with our partners and therefore have to share the same values ​​and goals. You should also be able to speak German and live in the DACH area. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for us to support riders from abroad.

If you would like to send us an inquiry, please introduce yourself and your horse. Unfortunately, we often get inquiries without a hello or name. We immediately cancel these impersonal, generic requests (which are sent to several companies at the same time). A link to your profile would also be good if you send us an email so that we can get a picture of you.

The Lepona.de team decides individually for each request whether and how a cooperation can come about. And that's what it is: a collaboration. You get something from us and of course we expect something from you in return. If you just want to snag free products, you've come to the wrong place.

Unfortunately, we are not currently looking for new partnerships. If you still want to write to us, please note that there will probably be a rejection. Unless we are so flashed by you and your profile that we can't cancel at all ;)