International Size Chart

In the jungle of international clothing sizes, it can happen that your usual size doesn't fit. But don't worry - you haven't gained weight. To find the right size, we have provided you with practical size charts here. Important: The following data is only a guideline. Different manufacturers sometimes have different size specifications. Please contact us if you have any questions!

General size chart

International XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
Women 34 36/38 40/42 44/46 48/50 52/54 56/58
Men 42 44/46 48/50 52/54 56/58 60/62 64/66

Size chart - children

Size (cm) 92/98 104/116 116/128 128/140 140/152 152/164
clothing size   XS S M L XL
Age (years) 2–3 4–5 5–6 6–8 8–10 11–13

Size chart - shirts for men

International XS S S M M L L XL
English / American 14 14 1/2 15 15 1/2 14 3/4 16 16 1/2 17

All information is to be understood as a guide only. We assume no liability for this information.

Essential tips for buying clothes online - Size guide

There is no doubt that buying clothes online can come in handy at times. Our online shop offers you a large selection of textiles and is available to you around the clock. Thanks to fast versand we deliver your clothing directly to your home in just a few days. So that your riding clothing actually fits, we have a few tips for you here.

Use measurement tables to find the right size

Buying clothing online is usually made more difficult by the fact that the sizes specified by some manufacturers sometimes vary among themselves. In order not to be misled by this, it is advisable to take a look at the measurement tables. The manufacturer's information, which you can usually find on the respective product pages in our shop, usually offers a higher level of accuracy than the standardized, international size table.

Check out product reviews

To find out more about a product, product reviews from other buyers are considered an important source of information. When reading existing customer reviews, check for comments on size, fit, material quality and value for money. If in the comments, for example, there is more and more information that a shirt is rather small, it can be an advantage to order it one size larger.

Rely on your experiences

If you've bought clothing from a particular brand before, stick to your impression. Was the size you bought too small/big, wide/tight? Just look again in your closet to see what size the manufacturer has specified. Manufacturers usually stick to existing sizes and do not change them.

What if the clothes don't fit?

Is that no problem. As long as you have only tried on the riding clothing and have not yet used it, you can simply send us the clean, unsuitable clothing back to us.