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Bucas Horse blankets - differences explained

Bucas Horse blankets are very popular with many riders, because the Irish brand specifies a temperature for almost all blankets. In addition, the selection of different variants is very large, so that there is a suitable horse blanket for every need. Those are the most popular Bucas Stay-dry lining and the magnetic closure system on the chest.


Horse with Bucas Power Turnout horse blanket in the pasture

For all weather

Large selection of different horse blankets

Bucas offers the right outdoor blanket for every need and every budget. Bucas Horse blankets do not have any creases, but they do have a special cut that ensures an optimal fit and optimal freedom of movement.

In addition to the following most popular outdoor blankets, Bucas We also offer numerous other models. So you can choose the right blanket for your horse.

Power turnout

  • Silver exterior made of ballistic nylon material
  • Available with three different fillings: 0g, 150g and 300g
  • particularly tear-resistant, waterproof and breathable
  • Material reflects the sun
  • with Stay-Dry inner lining for sweating
  • Aluminium coating on the inside reflects heat and is antibacterial
  • Cross surcingles, Silk-Feel lining in the shoulder area, leg straps, tail flap and strap, Click'n Go magnetic closure system, Velcro fasteners for a neck part

Smartex turnout

  • Available with three different fillings: 0g, 150g and 300g
  • Upper material made of Balistic Nylon
  • Stay-Dry lining and Silk-Feel lining in the shoulder area
  • magnetic front closure
  • Cross surcingles, leg straps, tail strap and tail flap as well as Velcro fasteners for a neck part

Irish turnout

  • very good value for money 
  • with 50g, 150g and 300g filling 
  • waterproof and breathable 
  • “Rip-Stop” outer material is extremely durable 
  • “Silk-Feel” inside of the shoulder 
  • T-buckle with “Magnetic Snap-Lock” as chest closure 
  • Cross surcingles, tail flap and girth, attachment points for leg straps and Velcro fasteners for neck parts

Atlantic Turnout

  • waterproof and breathable 
  • Outer material made of ballistic nylon 
  • Click'n Go system with "Magnet Snap-lock" 
  • Dermo-care inner lining 
  • Shoulder gussets, cross straps, leg straps, tail flap and girth
  • Velcro fastening for neck part

Horse with Bucas Freedom Turnout horse blanket in the pasture

Models & Equipment

Comparison tables

With such a large selection of different models, it is easy to lose track. The following table should help you choose your new Bucas Blanket help.

Equipment Power turnout Smartex turnout Irish turnout Anniversary turnout Sun shower Freedom turnout
waterproof & breathable
Stay-Dry inner lining
Silk feel
Ballistic nylon
Rip stop outside
Sun reflective
Heat reflective
Shift system
Pony sizes
Sun Creme
Click 'n Go
Snap lock
big neck
Teflon coating

So that the turnout blanket really fits, you should measure your horse if in doubt. You measure from the middle of the chest over the shoulder straight to the back of the hindquarters. Then select the size in the table that comes closest to your measurement.

107 85 3'6 42"
114 90 3'9 45"
122 95 4'0 48"
130 100 4'3 51"
137 105 4'6 54"
145 110 4'9 57"
152 115 5'0 60"
160 120 5'3 63"
168 125 5'6 66"
175 130 5'9 69"
183 135 6'0 72"
191 140 6'3 75"
198 145 6'6 78"
204 155 6'9 81"
212 165 7'0 84"
218 170 7'2 86"

Comfort zone

Bucas Temperature zones comparison

Bucas offers a large selection of horse blankets for the pasture. To make it easier for you to find the right blanket, the Irish company offers a display with temperature zones. The information applies to unshorn horses.

* The actual comfort zone depends on a number of factors such as the age of the horse, sun, humidity, wind and horse activity. You should also pay attention to whether your horse is clipped or not. The temperature zones therefore only represent a recommended, average range.

Picture with temperature zones of horse blankets in comparison

For dirty sparrows

Bucas Clean ceiling

you can your Bucas Of course, leave the ceiling in professional hands for ceiling cleaning.

If you want to wash the turnout rug yourself, make sure to close all fasteners and straps. So the ceiling cannot get caught. If the strings are removable, you should do this and wash them in a laundry bag.

Before washing, you should brush off coarse dirt and horse hair as well as possible. This makes cleaning in the washing machine easier and prevents eventual clogging of drains.

wash yours Bucas Horse blanket at a maximum of 40 °C to avoid affecting its function and durability. You can use special detergent for horse blankets. Waterproof Bucas Ceilings should then be treated with an impregnation so that the ceiling is still tight. Pay special attention to treating the seams.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Bucas Outdoor blankets

Can I also attach liners or stable rugs under all turnout rugs?

Many of the Bucas Blankets have special attachment points for liners or suspended blankets. This prevents the blankets from slipping. The product description for each rug states whether the rug is compatible with stable rugs or under rugs.

Which neckline is suitable for my horse?

Classic cut is the standard cut with classic blanket and neck fit. Full Neck the neck part is firmly connected to the blanket and provides the best possible protection against moisture and cold.

The High Neck BlanketThis provides more protection and warmth, exerts less pressure on the withers and thus reduces chafing and pressure points.

Bucas big neck is specially designed for horses with a more pronounced neck and shoulders. It is cut 5 cm shorter at the withers and is suitable for stallions, Friesians, Spaniards and horses with a broad chest girth.

How do I attach a neck piece to my Bucas Ceiling?

Almost every Bucas Turnout rug has Velcro fasteners in the area of ​​the withers. These are by stripes with Bucas logo protected. Peel off these strips and attach the neck piece to the Velcro.

What does Bucas Blankets so special?

Bucas Horse blankets have a particularly good fit. Unlike many other manufacturers, Bucas no creases, but a special cut in the area of ​​the shoulders and croup. Also, many offer Bucas Outdoor blankets that Stay Dry inner liningThese blankets have a sweat-wicking function, which makes changing blankets after training unnecessary.

The Silk Feel lining in the shoulder area protects these sensitive areas from chafing. The Silver outer material is particularly dirt-repellent, which means the blanket needs to be washed less often. This increases its durability.

In addition, many blankets offer the Click'N Go closure, which is easy for riders to open and close, but not for horses. The Magnetic snap closure in the chest area makes wearing the blanket even more comfortable for the horse.